Seven Afghanis/Terrorists Having Pak NIC captured from Baluchistan

  • After the dramatic drone killing of Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, the Pak intelligence tightened their belts and in a swift move captured seven Afghani refugees having Pakistani NIC cards. Their confessional videos are being shown on all TV News channels. In that they paid from Rs.10,000 to 50,000 in bribe to get Pak NIC, and that they are responsible for various bomb blasts and target killing in Baluchistan for which they used to get from Rs.80,000 to 150,000 from RAW and Afghanistan. A big question mark on NADRA's integrity.

  • Unfortunately, we need an Untoward Incident to get our sleeping agencies to wake up for a few days, and the it is all 'business as usual'.


  • To be fair, Ch. Nisar in his press conference admitted that there is lot of Corruption in NADRA.

    I have a suggestion though. Corruption should be declared an offence punishable by death. I am sure that will reduce if not eradicate the evil.

  • @anjaan So how that's supposed to happen in corrupt society of Pakistan - a corrupt person arresting another corrupt person, another corrupt person prosecuting arrested person, another corrupt person judging him to be corrupt and yet another corrupt person executing the death punishment.

    WoW! What a suggestion!
    Powerful corrupt getting rid of weak corrupt!

  • @curiousity
    The Blasphemy law works in Pakistan. Anyone suspected of the offence, let alone guilty of it, is mob-lynched without waiting for due process.
    My proposal will also work the same way. People who suffer from corruption will take the matters in their own hands and dispense justice. By God, it will be a huge deterrence for the Corrupt or would be corrupt.

  • What a shame. Pakistani ID card is only worth 10,000 to 50,000.

    Death penalty is not going to deter anyone especially when majority of Pakistanis is corrupt in some way or form. How are we ever going to find Mr/Mrs Clean? Perhaps we should invite 'angels' from the army to take over and implement justice. They are the only one one without any sin.

    The only formula that works in Pakistan must involve some sort of GREED. Most people pray, fast, pay Zakat, perform Hajj in the high hopes that one day they'll get to have sex with 72 virgins simultaneously. How about convincing religious scholars to amend that number? Anyone who doesn't engage in corruption will get an extra 12 hoors? That might work.

  • @Qarar said in Seven Afghanis/Terrorists Having Pak NIC captured from Baluchistan:

    They are the only one one without any sin.

    Are you joking?
    Their contribution to corruption goes all the way back to 1950's, before it spread amongst common Pakistanis in late 1970's.

  • @curiousity jee
    You failed to recognize a hint of sarcasm in my remark.

  • @Qarar Sorry Jee,