Will he be sentenced?

  • Will he be sentenced?
    Pakistan has a controversial article in its constitution under the head of Blasphemy law. The law in its simple English describes that if any non-Muslim utters, writes or acts in a manner that it translates into degradation of Muhammad SAW or any of his companions (Nauzo Billah) such that it injures the Muslim faith, he shall be adjudicated under Blasphemy Act and the maximum punishment is death penalty. The act further notifies that if any Muslim commits the same crime against any non-Muslim religion the same penal code applies. Now a strange case is coming into Pakistani courts. A Muslim has been arrested on charges of Blasphemy laws:
    “Pakistani police have arrested a Muslim man under the majority-Muslim country's strict blasphemy laws for selling shoes with a sacred Hindu symbol, according to police and Hindu community leaders.
    Jahanzaib Khaskheli, the shopkeeper, was arrested on Monday in the southern town of Tando Adam and the shoes, which carried the "Om" symbol, were confiscated, said Farrukh Ali, the district police chief.
    Hindu community leaders called for the shopkeeper to be punished.”