New wave of terrorism - this time it's Saudi Arabia

  • Three bomb blasts and an attack on American Consulate, Jeddah are being reported by TV channels. This time, the country is Saudi Arabia and these incidents of terror happened within the span of 24 hours. Two bomb blasts occurred in Al Khatif and one blast on Gate No.21 of Masjid-e-Nabvi, Medinah. The number of casualties is still to be confirmed. .

  • This is in addition of today's worst bomb blasts in Baghdad, Iraq, where the death toll so far has reached 160.

  • Latest: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has denied any blast in the holy city of Medinah, but has confirmed the two blasts in Al Khatif.

  • @imtiazahmed

    What is your source of information?

  • "


    What is your source of information?"

    Anjan Sahib: Pakistan TV channels. Just watched the news and penned down.

  • Total of 4 attacks took place in Saudi Arabia in the last 24 hours

    First in Jeddah where a suicide bomber blew himself up near the US consulate

    Then another suicide bomber tried to enter Masjed-e-Nabwi in Madina just before iftar time but was intercepted by the Saudi security personnel and he blew himself in the parking killing 2 security guards

    Same time two more suicide bombers tried to enter a mosque in Saudi city of Qatif in the eastern province but were again intercepted by the police outside and they blew themselves as well.

    All attacks seems well coordinated and simultaneous and were meant to cause maximum damage and casualties but luckily the plan failed and not much loss of life took place except for the security guards. None of the suicide bombers were able to hit their target and they detonated prematurely.

  • Jeddah suicide bomber has been identified as a Pakistani Abdullah Gulzar Khan by the Saudi authorities.

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  • Consequent upon these terrorists' attacks 19 suspects have been arrested by SA Security agencies, out of which 12 are Pakistanis. What I foresee, SA's Haj policy and employment visa policy would be very strict for Pakistanis.

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    You have been posting few Terror based news recently. Tempted to name you as "PKP's Terror Correspondent" !!

  • Thanks I am flattered. BTW terror news in the "current issues" is a big news and creating a lot of concern. So it is a big news anyway.

  • well done pakistanis have atlast revolted against their arab masters. one thing more many some pakistanis on media were seen lying about the incident. It is very hard for them to believe that it can happens on such places. They start lying on media that it was not attack but a gas cylinder has leaked. Some time people dont want to destroy their illusion. Abdullah Qulzar has done a great to job to destroy sheikh dhanda system.... These Sheikh has been earning for ages foreign income. I hope Sulaiman dar ghazvi would tell us. where were angel on that who were always seen praying on prophets (PBUH). Were they on leave on that day. How could not Allah himself caught the person and told the authorities and he even did not honor Prophet Ibrahim s Prayers. Oh God make this place a peaceful settlement.