Shishani is killed

  • Looking the strategic maneuvres adopted against DAESH/ISIL/ISIS by coalition of Iraqi forces, Shia Militia and Deshmerga (Kurds) on a big convas, it looks the Islamic jihadists are now on a down sliding graph and are at the brink of collapse. It doesn’t mean terrorism is going to be eliminated. During their three years of blooming period, DAESH has spread enough venum through internet and other logistic technology that terrorism has been internationalized. So eliminating IS in Iraq and Syria is not just enough. It requires a long term mind changing tireless work by all the nations of the world put together. Now the question is whether have I boasted by claiming that IS is shrinking? I think not. On one point agenda both Russia and USA are united. That is DAESH has to go but their forces would not put their feet on the battleground. They would train the anti-IS local forces and give them air cover. Second important agenda was to cut the supply line. If you will look the map of this fission effected area viz. Iraq/Syria, Daesh has captured the northern part of Syria which borders Turkey. Crudes were sold in the underworld of Turkey and arms/ammunition/exploding material were bought from the same underworld. In spite of Turkey being member of NATO, it could not seal the borders as tens of thousands refugees fled through these borders. Americans/Russians did one good thing. Their spy satellites kept them abrest 24/7 about the movements of tank trucks and jihadists movements and a series of air strikes not only killed many jihadists but also destroyed tank trucks (with loads of crude). Key phrase was to destroy IS financially before going for a kill. This paid off.
    First the recapture of Fallujah. Mosul is not taken back but it is being surrounded for a final assault by anti-IS coalition local forces. DAESH jihadist groups that have been moving freely with terror aura throughout their captured areas and even uncaptured areas now remain hidden like mice in holes as they sustained heavy losses by sudden air strikes. The fleeing men and women from IS state confirm that IS government is suffering from short of food and water supplies. But the biggest news came from Amaq, the official website of IS that No.2 (VIPs rank after Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi), Omar Shishani is dead after suffering from multiple injuries due to American air strikes. Amaq said:
    “Military source to Amaq Agency: Shaykh Umar ash-Shishani martyred in Shirqat as he participated in clashes to repel the campaign against the city of Mosul”

    This does not mean end of IS. But it certainly caused a psychological pessimistic feelings among the supporters of IS. The war is not over, it continues.

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