Military Coup Underway in Turkey

  • Military coup is being executed in Turkey. Faction of Turkish army has taken over the control of airports and state television.

    There are reports of firing and Army Chief being held hostage by the junior officers.

  • Latest: The coup aborted, the democracy is back on track. The unexpected has happened. As this failed coup d'état story is unfolding it transpires it is the first time a military take over is undone by the people. The people of Turkey came out of their houses and surrounded the army jawans and officers, laid down before armoured core vehicles and tanks. This all happened on a telephonic call of Tayib Ergoden, the President. 754 Army officers and jawans have been arrested. The seiged generals have been liberated and by the Grace of Allah, Turkey is back on the track of democracy.

  • Salute to people of Turkey, who crushed military evils looking for Martial Law. Welldone!

    Army get weapon for defense of their motherland and not for ruling the country by coups/martial law. Act disgrace to men in uniform and all how do are evils.

    Mind it Corrupt democrat is 100000000 times better than an angel Martial law dictator.

    Pakistani people thwarted attempted in shape of Pasha London Plan 1, Inshallah if Allah again tested garat of people of the Pakistan will flop Pasha London Plan 2 in garab of Pajama leaks or coup for martial Law to have 5th USA Viceroy in Pakistan.

    Let people people to go on and all will be fine, example of UK/USA democracy of century old in front. Pakistan is damaged by USA Viceroys Martial Law regime. Create a puppet Government, as characters of Pasha London Plan 1 and Pasha Party creation. Recently people of Pakistan defeated Secret Fund backed MOVE ON evil banner movement. NS refused to get out of PM house even if he is killed, made Pasha London Plan 1 failed. Coup backed with pasha London Plan has captured PTV and men in uniform responsible for security of RED ZONE were requesting people "you have come to wrong place, go to PM House now".

    Proud to see people of turkey who failed similar effort. Now if any attempt in Pakistan will be made it will be at the cost of bloodshed and not as smooth as in past. Pakistan people are garatmand and will not let the weapons procured on their taxes used for rule on them instead od conquering/wining battles against India.

    Well done Turkey, what a scene, Gaddar coming out of tanks with hands up....

  • بہادروں کو اس آئینے میں اپنا انجام دیکھہ لینا چاہیئے ، اب راحیل اور رضوان کو جا نا ہوگا کسی کا باپ بھی انہیں نہیں روک سکتا

  • pakistanio ko na turk pochtay hian na arab. yeah waisay hi hr mamlay main arabon or turkon ki olaad bntay hain

  • Turks had a choice between army rule and a ruthless dictator who has facilitated ISIS by providing supply chain of fighters & arms, has been ruthless killer of Kurds, suppressor of free press & social media, manipulator of constitution, etc.

    Turks chose dictator, let's wait and see how it turns out for Turks and rest of the world.

  • While the so called democrat is in full swing toward an authoritarian prescribe, the cracks in army ranks are doomed either to become a mere extension of Erdogan party or an invitation to outside forces to tangle badly. Not a good sign for Turkey. No event, or a full triumph would have been better.

  • @azizi
    "While the so called democrat is in full swing toward an authoritarian prescribe, the cracks in army ranks are doomed either to become a mere an extension of Erdogan party or an invitation to outside forces to tangle badly. Not a good sign for Turkey. No event, or a full triumph would have been better."

    Sounds reasonable. The drama is not over, it has just begun. The fall out will not be soon, it will take time, but one day we will watch a sudden boomerang on electronic media. At the moment, the powers behind this episode are just awe struck but thinking about plan B. Generals are not angels but their price tags are higher.

  • So it was all due to Imam Fethullah Gulen. When I was sitnessing live videos and news on Turkey’s coup d’etat a sentence “Turkish Government cannot be overthrown by sitting in Pennsylvania” quoted by Turk PM over and over again, was going over my head. Then I read about Imam Fethullah Gulen.

    “Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (born 27 April 1941) is a Turkish preacher,[5] former imam,[5][6] writer,[7] and political figure.[8] He is the founder of the Gülen movement (known as Hizmet meaning service in Turkish), and the inspiration figure for its largest organization, the Alliance for Shared Values. He currently lives in self-imposed exile in the United States, residing in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.[9][10][11]
    Gülen teaches a Hanafi version of Islam, deriving from Sunni Muslim scholar Said Nursî's teachings. Gülen has stated that he believes in science, interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book, and multi-party democracy.[12] He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican[13] and some Jewish organizations.[14]
    Gülen is actively involved in the societal debate concerning the future of the Turkish state, and Islam in the modern world. He has been described in the English-language media as an imam "who promotes a tolerant Islam which emphasises altruism, hard work and education" and as "one of the world's most important Muslim figures."[15][12]
    Gülen was an ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before 2013. The alliance was destroyed after the 2013 corruption investigations in Turkey.[16][17][18][19][20] Erdogan accused Gülen of being behind the corruption investigations.[21] He is currently on Turkey's most-wanted-terrorist list and is accused of leading what the current Turkish officials call the Gulenist Terror Organisation (FETO).[22][23] A Turkish criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Gülen.[24][25] Turkey is demanding the extradition of Gülen from the United States.[17][26][27] However, US figures in general do not believe he is associated with any terrorist activity.[28][29][30] = Wikipedia

    Tayyip Erdogan’s intellgence may be sharp enough to keep in service those generals that are not influenced by Gulen’s Feto movement. Period. But Erdogan could not possibily check the whole Turkish Army. Those junior officers and jawans that participated in this aborted coup appear to be followers of Feto.