Quetta blast

  • After so much of a tall claim that terrorism has been eliminated by more than 80% and it looked like the same, suddenly a most horrible terrorism act happened in Quetta in which thus far 70 people lost their lives. The act of mass killing was more or so the same. That first a little explosion and when people gathering to watch the incident a big explosion occurs. A little different, though this time. First “unknown assailants” opened fire on the President of Quetta Bar Association, Mr. Faridullah. When lawyers and media reporters rushingly took the body of Faridullah to Quetta Civil Hospital where usually the OPD/Emergency ward remains crowded all the time. Then in the middle of crowd suddenly a suicide bomber exploded himself. The casualties included noted lawyers and media men.
    As usual, nothing is known who are responsible behind this gory terrorism. Some are claiming it was the act of the Azad Baluchistan activists having full support of India. On the other hand IS has owned this. “Islamic State's Amaq news agency reported the Middle East-based movement was behind the atrocity. If true, it would mark an alarming development for Pakistan, long plagued by Islamist militant violence but most of it locally-based.” – Reuters. “"The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaat-ur-Ahrar (TTP-JA) takes responsibility for this attack, and pledges to continue carrying out such attacks," said spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan in a statement.” This is all confusing and gives no lead to our Inelligence agencies. Pak Army must rethink their strategy on Zarb Azb, specially in the sensitive area of Baluchistan. Whether it would make a bit set back on 47 Billion dollar project of CPEC or not, is yet to be seen.

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  • @gulraiz
    Thank you for an excellent post. The lady anchor person is the first TV anchor in Pakistan who I found has a complete command of the Urdu language. Did not mix a single word of English as is usual in Pakistan media. I found that very refreshing and pleasing.

    On top of all this the subject matter was discussed very clearly, issues highlighted without any ambiguity. Very impressed and have become hopeful that Pakistan Media has some integrity, hidden though it may be. Credit of course also goes to the Editorial Board of the Channel.

  • All Taliban used to be good Taliban, then came 911 and Mr Musharraf Divided them into
    good and Bad Taliban.
    Pakistan Military took ownership of Good Taliban and their enemies took ownership
    of Bad Taliban, that is very much the story , Rest is noise.

  • سو فیصد یقین ہے حملہ خودکش نہیں تھابلکہ وکیلوں کو مارنے کے لئیے بم لگایا گیا تھا- قوم کو چوتیا بنایا جارہا ہے - دہشتگردوں کی توجہ ہٹائو مہم ہے کہ حملہ خودکش تھا

  • @imtiazahmed A very Strange behavior of Pakistani Different communities is observed, Peaceful communities dislike Terrorism and Extremism, They hate Terrorists and extremists and appreciate Army, other agencies & government efforts regarding elimination of terrorism and Extremism from Pakistan and then world .
    We boldly appreciated successful operation Zarb e Azb for elimination of terrorism and demolishing the hideouts of Taliban Terrorists from Wazirastan and other Pak- Afghan Hilly border areas, Alhamdo Lilah Pakistani nation was Successful in achieving their goals.
    But we see still the terrorists (which are hidden some where in Pakistan) have capability of doing Terrorist attacks any where in Pakistan with the help of their facilitators. APS students attack, Bacha Khan University attack, Lahore Park attack or Quetta Courts attack,We Pakistani nation is suffering a lot. A complete remedy of this terrorism is not achieved yet.
    A Class / a Religious Community in Pakistan still indirectly favors these terrorists and terrorist groups. They try to blame these bomb blast on RAW, NDS ,USA etc. Whereas we see each and every time in Bomb Blast or Suicidal attack only Pakistani and few Afghan (affiliated with Taliban or its Groups) are arrested /killed in all these bomb-Blasts.
    Moreover Killing or threatening of Pakistani different Muslim Communities , Minorities is also a terrorist attitude by the above terrorist groups, Why ?
    National Action Plane implementation is very necessary for nation to eliminate Religious Extremism from society
    Its time for Nation to Redefine State Narrative and Clearly warns all terrorists or extremists about the following :
    Who is allowed to live in Pakistan ?
    Whose and which interpretation of Islam will be acceptable?
    Is any Body or organization allowed to kill others Saying KEFIR in Country ?
    Who is allowed to Start JIHAD (Qattal) in Pakistan?
    Is Private Jihad by any Mullah or Organisation is allowed ?
    Are Organizations / groups allowed to maintain Militant Wings for killing Pakistani/Creating Unrest in Country or to pressurize Voters to Gain Votes and make Government of their Choice ?
    Publish all these Questions Answers in Constitution book Clearly along with punishment in case of disobedience.

  • Abdulqayyumrao sahib: A nice analysis. I also firmly believe that the government with the braveheart support of our Pak Army will one day eliminate the curse of Terrorism Insha Allah. The evil spreads in days, its rooting out takes quite some time. But, with the help of Allah, the day is not too far away when we will get rid of them. We stand by the government and our Army jawans.