• A very Strange behavior of Pakistani Different communities is observed, Peaceful communities dislike Terrorism and Extremism, They hate Terrorists and extremists and appreciate Army, other agencies & government efforts regarding elimination of terrorism and Extremism from Pakistan and then world .

    We boldly appreciated successful operation Zarb e Azb for elimination of terrorism and demolishing the hideouts of Taliban Terrorists from Wazirastan and other Pak- Afghan Hilly border areas, Alhamdo Lilah Pakistani nation was Successful in achieving their goals.

    But we see still the terrorists (which are hidden some where in Pakistan) have capability of doing Terrorist attacks any where in Pakistan with the help of their facilitators. APS students attack, Bacha Khan University attack, Lahore Park attack or Quetta Courts attack,We Pakistani nation is suffering a lot. A complete remedy of this terrorism is not achieved yet.

    A Class / a Religious Community in Pakistan still indirectly favors these terrorists and terrorist groups. They try to blame these bomb blast on RAW, NDS ,USA etc. Whereas we see each and every time in Bomb Blast or Suicidal attack only Pakistani and few Afghan (affiliated with Taliban or its Groups) are arrested /killed in all these bomb-Blasts.

    Moreover Killing or threatening of Pakistani different Muslim Communities , Minorities is also a terrorist attitude by the above terrorist groups, Why ?

    National Action Plane implementation is very necessary for nation to eliminate Religious Extremism from society

    Its time for Nation to Redefine State Narrative and Clearly warns all terrorists or extremists about the following :
    Who is allowed to live in Pakistan ?
    Whose and which interpretation of Islam will be acceptable?
    Is any Body or organization allowed to kill others Saying KEFIR in Country ?
    Who is allowed to Start JIHAD (Qattal) in Pakistan?
    Is Private Jihad by any Mullah or Organisation is allowed ?
    Are Organizations / groups allowed to maintain Militant Wings for killing Pakistani/Creating Unrest in Country or to pressurize Voters to Gain Votes and make Government of their Choice ?

    Publish all these Questions Answers in Constitution book Clearly along with punishment in case of disobedience.