The menace of honor killing

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    Following is test case is for a serious debate whether for any serious reason (other than self defense) killing has become part and parcel of Muslim society. First the story:

    “The ex-husband of a British woman who was the victim of an alleged 'honour killing' in Pakistan has admitted strangling her to death, police have said.
    Samia Shahid, a 28-year-old beautician from Bradford, died while visiting relatives in her ancestral village in the northern Punjab region of the country.
    Her family said she had a heart attack, but her husband Syed Mukhtar Kazam believes she was murdered in a so-called 'honour killing' because the family did not approve of her marriage to him.
    Ms Shahid's former husband Choudhry Shakeel was arrested today along with her father on suspicion of murder – and Mr Shakeel has since confessed he drugged and strangled his ex-wife, according to Pakistani newspaper Dawn.
    Deputy Inspector General Abubakar Khuda Bakhsh, the investigating officer in the case, told Reuters Mr Shakeel and Ms Shahid's father, Choudhry Shahid, had appeared in court in Pakistan.
    “The court has sent them to police custody for physical remand of four days,” Mr Bakhsh said. “Once facts are established, we would be in a better position to say if it is an honour killing or a murder as revenge.”
    The case has attracted attention because it came days after the high-profile 'honour killing' of outspoken social media star Qandeel Baloch, dubbed 'the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan'.
    Ms Baloch's brother has been arrested in relation to her death.

    Qandeel Baloch was strangulated by her brother, but in his confessional statement her killer brother has named one another relative who persuaded and connived in the gory murder. This has opened a pandora box for finding out the real motive of the murder in the garb of “honor killing”. In the same way Samia Shahid was drugged and strangulated by her “ex-husband”. In Baloch case it looks her life style which was regarded against the norms of Islamic society was the cause of her murder. Not in the case of Samia Shahid. She took divorce from her first husband, passed the iddat period, and then married another person which is quite in conformity with Islamic fiqqah. The only odd thing, Samia’s parents appear to have disapproved the divorce and second marriage of their daughter. Both cases look similar but a deeper analysis they appear poles apart.

    My question is simple. Are Pakistani courts pronouncing softer sentences on honor killing cases (three to seven years imprisonment)? What does Pakistan statute say on honor killing? If it is silent, why so? There is something wrong somewhere that encourages killing in the name of “honor killing”.

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    Who is the lady and why have you posted her picture here?

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    Forget about who was that lady. It is given in the article if you read it one more time. But, the issue I have raised requires a thorough debate. In the name of honor killings courts are pronouncing softer decision. So many cases of murder which are not from any angle honor killings, the killers are taking refuge behind “Honor killing” to save their skin from capital punishment. My point is perpetrators are getting encouragement for killing women in the garb of honor killing. If you have anything to say on it, please do.

  • I asked about the lady because despite being in the article you posted the picture again!!

    So called "Honour Killing" in my opinion is a dishonourable act. Courts' job is to apply the law as it is on the statute book. If the law allows the courts to use its discretion, it may do so given the circumstances of the case. You must remember that even in the case of a non-honour killing, the courts have a discretion to either dish out Capital Punishment or Life Sentence. Therefore, in my opinion there is no point in criticising the courts. Criticism is due at the law makers (the Parliament). They are the one who should wake-up and amend the law so that "Honour" becomes an unacceptable defence in a court of law.

    It is a malaise of the society like so many other. If the society will stop accepting so many ills as a norm, things will improve.

  • Sorry! My fault. She is the unfortunate lady Saima Shahid. If you had opened the source I had provided you would have gotten it. Unfortunately, I don't know the technic of writing the script and posting the photo in one go. If you would help me in this direction I would be grateful. Thanks.

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    It is my turn to say "Forget about the lady"!

    No IT skills, I am afraid.

  • @imtiazahmed honor killings is by Satan it have no root in islam.

  • New development in the case:

    BBC reports Samia Shahid was raped before her murder. What is going on?