PTI to move SC against PM Nawaz Sharif over Panama probe

  • PTI to move SC against PM Nawaz Sharif over Panama probe
    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan announced to file a petition in the Supreme Court against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding " stashed " wealth of his children revealed in the Panama Papers. While talking to media, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan also announced that PTI would flex its muscles at a massive rally on 3rd September in Lahore.

  • Imran Khan should decide whether he wants to move his supporters to the streets or fight a legal battle. He is confused himself on his next move.

  • Many years back I had read Servantes’ Don Quixote. I also read a nice piece of analysis on this character:
    “No single analysis of Don Quixote’s character can adequately explain the split between his madness and his sanity. He remains a puzzle throughout the novel, a character with whom we may have difficulty identifying and sympathizing. We may see Don Quixote as coy and think that he really does know what is going on around him and that he merely chooses to ignore the world and the consequences of his disastrous actions. At several times in the novel, Cervantes validates this suspicion that Don Quixote may know more than he admits. Therefore, when Don Quixote suddenly declares himself sane at the end of the novel, we wonder at his ability to shake off his madness so quickly and ask whether he has at least partly feigned this madness. On the other hand, we can read Don Quixote’s character as a warning that even the most intelligent and otherwise practically minded person can fall victim to his own foolishness. Furthermore, we may see Don Quixote’s adventures as a warning that chivalry—or any other outmoded set of values—can both produce positive and negative outcomes. Given the social turmoil of the period in which Cervantes wrote, this latter reading is particularly appealing. Nonetheless, all of these readings of Don Quixote’s character operate in the novel.”
    Am I seeing a living Don Quixote in the person of Imran Khan?

  • "Am I seeing a living Don Quixote in the person of Imran Khan?"

    Only you can answer the question!