Umar Akmal

  • Umar Akmal is Pakistan's best batsman. He has bit of an attitude that usually stars have but to drop him on disciplinary grounds is utter failure of management. Umar Akmal, his cousin Babar Azam and Sharjeel Khan are the only three batsmen in Pakistan who can handle threatening pace bowling on lively tracks. I would add all three of them in all three formats.

    His latest knock today ...

  • There is no doubt that Umer Akmal is one of the finest sharp eyed batsman like Sharjeel Khan. Period. But Akmal's attitude problem is in his DNA. He argues and altercates with not only his playing colleagues but also with captain and coach. This is bound to affect the overall performance of the team. That is the only reason for his ouster. After promises that he would not make a fuss he had been included several times, but he repeated his behavioral attitude. He can't himself, Board can't help themselves. He needs a good psychiatrist.

  • That's true, Umar Akmal has attitude problemsthat he needs to sort out. But management has to step up to justify their salaries. Dropping such an exceptional talent is no solution.

  • First, Akmal is a good batsman not a great batsman. His lack of discipline is on full display both on and off the field. He has gotten himself out numerous times by playing risky, wild and silly shots. If he can't be controlled outside of the field, there is no guarantee that he would follow any advice in the field.

    Keeping him out of the team is a good decision. We heard the same thing that Muhammad Amir would win matches for us, but Amir's mediocre performance in England has proven that wrong. Akmal has been given ample opportunities to behave. It's time to give another youngster a chance.

  • @Qarar Sahib

    Akmal may not be great but he is the best we got. If you watched PSL you would recall Pakistan's batting talent is very very limited. Even Bangladesh produces better than us. We don't have luxury to sit out our # 1 batsmen teaching him how to be a better human. Akmal has attitude that most stars have nothing extra ordinary.

  • @Shirazi1 sb

    We might be sitting out the next world cup, as the danger of playing the qualifying round for the world cup still looms. So, we might get all the time in the world to groom players. ;-)

    Plus, I don't recall when Akmal played a match winning inning last time.

  • @Shirazi1 said in Umar Akmal:

    " Akmal has attitude that most stars have nothing extra ordinary."

    Indiscipline by any player however good should not be tolerated.......He has attitude like most stars! I do not recall "Real Stars" like Zaheer Abbas, Sachin Tandulkar, Brian Lara, Sir Garfield Sobers to name a few, having any attitude problem. And Akmal is not even a Star.

  • @Qarar said in Umar Akmal:

    " Plus, I don't recall when Akmal played a match winning inning last time."


    Because he did not play one!