Makkah - The Muslims Vatican City

  • Vatican city is surrounded by Italy but Italy has no control on affairs of Vatican city. Makkah should have similar status. The Hajj, Umra and all affairs should be managed by independent body comprising of Muslims from all over the world. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has no right to gather all those revenues and then finance terror and hatred all over.

  • The best way is to hand over it to irani shias. Irani have tried in past to capture but Pakistani slaves want to be follwer of wahabis than shai

  • The Shias of Iran should adopt Christianity and take over Vatican. There will then be peace.

  • better it is first given to sherazi sahib. Then it is upon him what please him. Shia, sunii... or wahabi.. I think sherazi sahib will choose shias.

  • Let Shirazi Sahib make his choice. I will not even make a recommendation. He is his own man!!

  • sherazi is smart he can make a kabah in pakistan and generation of Pakistani will eat by sitting at home Like the one arab have. Mirza ghulam muhammad tried to make one in Pakistan in qadian but could no succeed

  • Can any one give a logical objection to Sherazi jees point of view???

  • @adnak said in Makkah - The Muslims Vatican City:

    Can any one give a logical objection to Sherazi jees point of view???

    Friend Ayatuulah Adnak

    Shirazi's point of view lacks logic itself. It is purely based on his dislike of KSA.
    In detail:
    Vatican and Makkah are not comparable. Makkah has Kaaba and other important Religious places---Vatican has none. It is only the Pope's Official Residence.
    KSA receives Revenue and in return provides services to the Hujjaj and is responsible for the maintenance of the holy places.
    KSA finances terrorist? Ask Shirazi to provide evidence and evidence is not what one reads in the Media and idle gossip, Evidence means proofs which can be used in the internal court of justice.
    And KSA has been looking after the Religious Places fir such a long time why this urge now for the change?

    I hope you will find the above submissions logical.

  • adnak ji is on back up service to sherazi ji. This is real vatican

  • The independent body like Vatican would take Hajj and umra revenues and would maintain and improve services perhaps better than KSA. Hopefully they won't be able to finance terror like KSA. money. A broader representative apolitical body will be able to marshal much needed harmony in Muslim world. There will be unanimity in Muslim world from Eid days to more institutionalized, organized, broadly acceptable Ijethad.

  • @shafiq12 jee

    "adnak ji is on back up service to sherazi ji. This is real vatican"

    I like your TYPICAL blame game strategy, like our traditional politicians exercise.
    I expected an answer with some logic from a genius like you, as done by my friend Ayatullah Anjaan jee.

  • @Friend Ayatullah Anjaan Jee

    Don’t you think that Makkah and Kaaba being there, as you mentioned, makes it a stronger case for a centre for Muslims, controlled by elected Muslim leaders for its better management? Improvement for betterment always remains there. What will be harm in such an option?

  • "centre for Muslims, controlled by elected Muslim leaders for its better management?"

    Muslim Leaders and Better Management?
    Friend Ayatullah Anjaan What has Muslim Leaders achieved so far by cooperating with each other? Nothing . There has never been any harmony amongst them. They will just fight for better role, better position etc. I will be happy with the present arrangement even if there is no improvement (although there is evidence that every year there are improvements compared with previous years). Let us not politicise this.

  • @Anjaan Jee

    Let us not politicise this.

    You meant to say let's not depoliticize it, it's already politicize.

  • It is only being or attempting to be politicised by Iran. Has any other Muslim Country suggested what you are suggesting. I think for the sake of Umma you should resolve your difference with KSA otherwise you will be left behind and Karwaan guzar jaye ga!

  • Shirazi sahib, do you realistically think Saudis would want to lose control over such a big cash cow? The tourism sector contributes $22.6 billion (85 billion Saudi riyals) to Saudi Arabia’s GDP with Hajj and Umrah providing $12 billion (45 billion Saudi riyals) Source.

    Makkah is the new Las Vegas or the new "Makkah-hattan."

    Abraj Kudai, the world's largest hotel will feature luxury rooms for wealthy pilgrims, a wing for the Saudi royal family, shopping malls, more restaurants than you could visit in a month, and a lavish ballroom:

    alt text

    According to the article:
    Mecca’s building spree last year prompted Irfan Al-Alawi, director of the UK-based Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, to describe the city as “Mecca-hattan”.

    “Everything has been swept away to make way for the incessant march of luxury hotels, which are destroying the sanctity of the place and pricing normal pilgrims out,” he told the Guardian. “These are the last days of Mecca. The pilgrimage is supposed to be a spartan, simple rite of passage, but it has turned into an experience closer to Las Vegas, which most pilgrims simply can’t afford.”

    Another hotel Jabal Omer complex. Already under construction, it will eventually feature 37 towers, including nine in excess of 150 metres:

    alt text

  • @Qarar Sahib

    The sky rocketing price of Hajj is serious concern. I know 4 couples who went for Hajj and they all paid $25-30k per couple. That's more expensive than any two week vacation you take in developed world. On vacation you buy tickets for theme parks, helicopter rides or some similar crap. What do you do on Hajj, circle around a cube, hurl stones at pillars, slaughter an animal, shave your head and pray. Why is it this expensive? Air fare, food, lodging, transportation and guide shouldn't cost $12-15k/person. And when Hajis come back most of them are sick due to unhygienic food, water and germs unlike vacations in first world at fraction of the cost.

  • Shirazi

    Do not go to KSA, do your Hajj in Iran. It will be cheap and disease free.

  • How about Los Vegas it will be fun too :)

  • That will be fine but first you will have to move one or more religious sites from iran to Les Vegas so that you can perform your Hajj !!