It is all water stupid

  • At present in time, Pakistan-India relations are touching the worst level and even is at the brink of flash point. The Indian think tank was wise (or fool) and was instrumental to bring a provincial figure of Gujrat, Narendar Modi, to nominate and elevate him to become the strongest person of India. Every Indian TV channel was showing the tickers and ads “Abki baar, Modi Sarkaar”. He was brought to tone down Pakistan and reduce it to a satellite neighbour country like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Modi had played a key villainous role in Muslim massacres in Gujrat and had emerged as a shrewd cunning politician. Modi started with two thronged strategy. One, to increase Indian influence in Afghanistan and, two, to give an all out help for both terrorist training and providing arms and ammunitions to “Azad Baluchistan rebellions”. The main intentions of this secret game plan was to weaken and isolate Pakistan such that she forgets once for all the voicing against the atrocities and illegality of Indian occupied Kashmir. Little Modi thought although India is well ahead in conventional warfare weapons it is well behind in number games insofar as nuclear warheads are concerned. According to Pentagon and as per data picked up by their spy satellites Pakistan has developed and stored nuclear fissile enough to make 250 plus atom bombs having U235 fissile within no time. As compared to this India has 150 plus nuclear warheads loaded with Pu239 .

    Why China-India war on Tibet issue occurred, why India thinks its occupied territory of Kashmir is its an integral part – IT IS ALL WATER STUPID. A lot has been written on Indians’ involvement in Afghanistan and Baluchistan unrest and no need to repeat them, let us start and focus on latest uprising of protests, the brutal killings in this region, a terrorist attack killed 11 lawyers and many critically injured. Pakistan blamed RAW behind it. Very shortly after that, in Uri Indian Military base four suicide assailants caused the death of 19 soldiers. While the combat operation was on, India took no time to blame Pakistan and Jamaatud Dawaa (a Jihadist banned group in Pakistan that propagates freedom of Kashmir). Modi never thought such a boomerang and lost all his norms of diplomatic etiquette. He immediately ordered his armed forces to take positions on Pakisstani borders. Perhaps there are some sane persons in Indian think tank, armed forces and RAW. They, in a meeting with Modi, briefed it was not wise to go on conventional war with Pakistan, as the latter will not hesitate to turn it into nuclear war which would be disastrous to both the countries. Modi might have cooled down, but, not quite so. In that, he announced he no long honored Indus-Basin Treaty Agreement which gave rights to three of five rivers to India and two to Pakistan. The agreement was signed under the umbrella of United Nations in 1962. All the five rivers from Kashmir run down the Indian Punjab before entering Pakistan. Modi, not only said to erect dams to cut off Pakistani legal waters he boasted “I will make Pakistan Sahara/Gobi desert”. The real story starts from here. This gave an opportunity to China to announce long due kick start and build 20 dams on 8 major river tributaries including Brahamputra. River Brahmanputra runs down the north India territories like UP and CP and enters Bangladesh. This river is the biggest river of India and is like a life line for the people there. This also means that the taps of Indian waters would be in the hands of China.

    “Analyst Neil Padukone calls it “the biggest potential point of contention between the two Asian giants,” China and India. But the stakes may be even higher since those eight Tibetan rivers serve a vast west-east arc of 1.8 billion people stretching from Pakistan to Vietnam’s Mekong river delta.”

    Now what do you say Mr. Modi? Politics is a different ball game.