Ins and outs of US forthcoming Presidential Election

  • I cannot gather a similar scenario that is taking place in the heat of pre-election history of American Presidential elections. With all its complexity US Presidential election is simple. First the primaries of two main parties viz Democrats and Republicans (GOP). After th e primaries the successful candicates enter into three main TV telecast debates on national and international issues that gives a final opinion building of common Americans and a finality to a final countdown.
    But in this forthcoming Presidential election we are witnessing and watching a different kind os scenario. Hillary Clinton’s candidature sustained a set back in her primaries when some leaked/hacked emails became viral on social media. Clinton survived the primaries but the question is “would she survive the final count down?”. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump;s electoral camps are using these emails to their utmost benefits – perhaps first time a negative political approach being observed.
    And now this taped conservation of none other than Donald Trump in which he described his lewd sexual adventures of “kissing, groping and trying to have sex” – Holly Bailey, National Correspondent. Trumps gossips and “boastings” with his election aides were recorded during traveling in a microbus. No matter, what effect it would make to American voters, the tape has already gone more viral in the electronic and print media. Donald Trump has apologized about his taped conservation and explained he was referring to some 5-10 years back Donald Trump and “now I am a changed, matured and sensible Trump”. How much he has changed would be reflected by the outcome of ballot boxes.
    About heap of emails hacked and made public, they were thoroughly investigated, heard by a Hearing Committee and found “there was nothing new and critical”. Does it mean, Hillary got a clean chit for contesting the election? Do the American voters buy the Committee findings about her? This is a million dollar question. The precies of those controversial emails are:

    • Clinton agreed to needing a “public and private position” in politics.
    • Goldman Sachs inclusion in the “Clinton Election Foundation”
    • A host of exchange of emails on what jokes Clinton should say and what not in her election campaign speeches
    • Jeb Bush’s raising of millions of dollars for election campaign
    • How to make negative and positive criticism on Sanders.
    • Exchange of emails between Clinton and John Podesta on fund raising
      The main crisis on Clinton’s nomination and election was the last point above on which Podesta blamed Russians and Assange’s hacking of emails that alerted Pentagon as to why Kremlin is meddling in American Election. But Podesta’s blame remained a blame as Putin vehemently refused such thing by saying “who is the Preisdent of United States is none of our business”. However, the tension once created remains so.
      The above scenario, first time observed in American election, is not new in third world countries. Is America losing its status of being the strongest country of the world?

  • Republican Party has a history of picking unqualified people as their candidates. George W Bush as president and Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor are two recent examples. So, Trump is no exception. The reality is that demographics of US have changed. Minorities are voting in higher numbers making it difficult for a conservative candidate to win.

  • Trump is a moron. He had the winning argument open borders, faulty trade pacts, unwanted wars - the arguments that even establishment Republicans won't be able to make. But he wasted all that in pity personal brawls.