Bangladesh China Economic Proposal

  • Bangladesh is expecting China to offer project funding to the tune of $40 billion when chinese President Xi Jinping visits sometimes next week.

    I was wondering how India would react?

  • India is not going to react negatively on this news. Bangladesh has decided long time ago not to have hostile relationship with India. They realized that Bangladesh is no match for India, and instead of funding they good-for-nothing army, they should spend that money on people's welfare. There is no arms race between the two countries and there is no land dispute. It's in B'desh economic interest to have good relations with India and that's what they are doing. India can count on Bangladesh's support in UN against Pakistan.

  • @Qarar
    I put this news item up to get a reaction from people like you. You could not hold back and fell for the trap. You are talking about support in UN, BD is not free to decide on foreign policy issues. What happens when an issue of contention arises between India and China?

    Are you in touch with Indian foreign office to write about the subject?
    Thanks for opinion none the less.

  • @parvez
    If you want a reaction from 'people like us' then you should have thought about starting a religious thread. :-)

    On this topic, I would say all Pakistan has to do to win Bangladesh's support is to not interfere in their internal matters (JI hangings) and more importantly issue a formal apology for human rights violations during the 71 war. In Bangladesh, religion is still heart and soul of the majority of the people. People of Pakistan and Bangladesh share a common history and it's not difficult to win them over. The cost is Pakistan's so-called pride.

    Here is what the Bangladesh's current stance on Pakistan:

    پاکستان سے بہت مایوس ہوچکی ہوں اور اسلام آباد سے سفارتی تعلقات ختم کرنے کے لئے بہت زیادہ دباؤ ہے۔
    بھارتی اخبار کو انٹرویو دیتے ہوئے حسینہ واجد کا کہنا تھا کہ بھارت نے بنگلہ دیش بنانے میں مدد کی جس پر بھارتیوں کا شکریہ ادا کرتی ہوں جب کہ سارک کانفرنس میں شرکت نہ کرنے کا فیصلہ ان کا اپنا فیصلہ تھا کیوں کہ جماعت اسلامی رہنماؤں کو سزائیں دینے پرپاکستان نے تنقید کی تھی۔

  • Qarar sahib: Nobody has commented what would be Indian role in China-Bangladesh Corridor proposal. This corridor would have to cross a small portion of Indian territory any way.

  • @Qarar
    "If you want a reaction from 'people like us' then you should have thought about starting a religious thread."

    I don't know what your religion is. If yo let me know, I sure would take that into consideration in my next post.

  • "No, as we said in our official statement on pulling out, we consider that the environment prevailing in the SAARC region at this particular time is not conducive to hold the SAARC summit. Bangladesh has certain sensitivities over the International Crimes Tribunal [ICT of Bangladesh"

    @parvez : This is what CEO of BD, Hasina Wajid, has said. She further explained that Indian non-participating in Islamabad-SARC might be Uri but this is not so for BD.Their cause of non-participation is due to tensions at their height in Pakistan due to recent capital punishments of Jamaat-e-Islami leadeers on “international war crimes”. So what is so strange. And just how much Pakistan has been benefited by SAARC pacts thus far. The fact of the matter is all the countries, east or west, are not happy with CPEC which would further disbalance the world free trade markets at the hands of China. India would a a big loser in Middle East. The joint venture on tarrif in the shape of EC will sustain a great set back. Northern African markets, which has so far been dominated by European products, would be captured by Chinese products. So, it is no strange that every manufacturing country (and even non-manufacturing countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia) is not happy with Pakistan. But, China is determined insofar as CPEC is concerned come what may. The problem in this forum is we only argue on the part of a picture and do not discuss the portrait as a whole.

  • @imtiazahmed
    I'm all for looking at the big picture. Thanks for reminding everybody. International relation in in flux and need focus.

    In the big picture, Bangladesh merely a dot. Now China investment is going to have an impact in time.
    Tell me who has lined up with BD on "international crimes court". If it is morally and legally solid then there is no need to be so sensitive.
    SAARK is dead and gone. I don't find it worth any discussion.

  • @parvez A country like china who was the last to recognise bangladesh as an independent country now investing in bangladesh. it means Bangladesh is not a dot anymore in bigger picture. Bangladesh economy has experienced significant structural transformation with the $20 billion-plus export ready-made garments (RMG) sector. With More demand of our pharmaceutical products. This company growning rate is 7% per year more than any other country in south asia at the moment and ofcourse safest in this region. this is what made china to invest their money., It because of their financial policies they became world leader,

  • @parvez and sir International tribunal crime court was our internal matter. I am sure you like others misinterpret it with " International court of crime" but if it was international court of crime then it would sits on hague and they will be the one to judge.. the name international was given because UN helped setting up with tribunal under international law .. so you see no1 line up with you when it is your domestic matter..I am not saying whether the judgement was fair or not..I am just giving my opinion about why no1 line up with us in this matter ..

  • @Sarweezyctg
    Although you have not identified as such but it seems like that you are from Bangladesh. If so I welcome you and respect your opinion.
    Im glad that BD is making strides in economic field and if you read my post I pointed out that China infrastructure help will make a major contribution. I know my putdown hurt your feeling but it was in geopolitical context. Now here is an opportunity to play a role in geopolitical space between India and China. It is going be be high wire act but doable. Make your nation proud by performance.

    This legality of war crimes court is not clear to me. Would you like to explain (with references both domestic and international} the rationale of doing this. To me it seems mostly political.

    I would welcome your response.

  • @Sarweezyctg
    I am happy to hear Bangladesh is right on track of economic progress. In between the sad news of our Muslim brotherhood miseries and frictions a good news about Muslim brothers no matter where they are is like a pleasant spring wind. I hope, BD has also good relations with India so the latter will not make any hindrance for passing through a short passage to link China-Bangladesh Economic Corridor. Best of luck.

  • @parvez i am sorry i reacted based on your last tweet without even knowing the whole scenario, as you have seen our leaders played very intelligently by hosted china president in Dhaka by our President while our prime minister attended BRICS summits in Goa simultaneously, plus we have seen india have changed their policy recently towards china and they are trying to.increase their economic relation with them, this maybe the reason they take china as threat because whenever they analysis war if happens between pakistan and india their main concern remain how would china react and how to stop china to involve in war to support Pakistan since china is best friend of pakistan so they are trying to.boost their trading and economic policies with china, so they aint gonna have any problem if bangladesh boost their economic relation with china, and For bangladesh this is seen as great opportunity by keeping national interest as our no1 priority we are building our relation stronger with both largest countries in the world. Sir in our country corruption is the main issue too but the positive thing is Our leaders always give national interest as our no.1 priority. Samething happened in saarc. We saw what happened in UN and the tension between Pakistan and India we knew saarc wont happen. Alot of person says alots of things about why Bangladesh supported India, most of the People opinion is that we took India side because everyone know Bangladesh will follow India because they have their past how India supported bangaldesh during its initial days after independence to rebuild the nation but actually Bangladesh have good relation with Congress party .BJP and other political party at that time wasnot in a favour to support Bangladesh because they had their own proverty problems at. So saarc was also the opportunity to get Modi support too it is also in our national interest to have good relation with neighbours, specially India since it surrounding bangaldesh from 3 sides, you cant progress until you have good relation with them. Also Bangladesh have a large deposits of natural gas which was discovered in 1990s.The Bibiyana gas field in hobiganj remain undeveloped till now, since china, us and Russia offered us to help developed our natural gas which definitely gonna change the economy and image of Bangladesh but Bangladesh is not showing any interest to take any help from outside because natural resources can be curse too, Our government declared we will develop our natural resources when we will have our own technology.These resources belongs to the people of this nation and we will not give our resources in foreign hands. We do have corruption problems but our leaders have put nation first always if you go back to history the other democratic governments and marshal law by two different genera we had so much problem, we had corruption, violence, natural disasters but, we always gave importance to education, we always tell our people to get education, education is the most powerful weapon. About war crime tribunal and imtiaz bhai opinion about muslimbrother and islam in Bangladesh I will go in details. Thank you

  • @Sarweezyctg

    I am happy that BD is working for development agenda. good luck.

  • @parvez said in Bangladesh China Economic Proposal:

    Now here is an opportunity to play a role in geopolitical space between India and China. It is going be be high wire act but doable. Make your nation proud by performance.

    Thank you and much appreciated, A nation whose land was a battlefield completely destroyed, million of people displaced, the people of nation was in trauma and shocked, there was no money, 80% people below poverty , most of the intellectual were killed and literacy rate was 10/15%, we have come this far inshallah we will go much much further with our performance and hard work..

  • @Sarweezyctg Brother,
    Its so heartening to see Bangladesh is moving forward. Great economic, social and ideological strides are being made. You are so lucky to have your own country, your leadership is free to formulate policies in favor of your country, pursue them free from any strings.
    Your forefathers were so intelligent and your nation was determined to free yourselves from chains of Punjabi establishment.
    Had you been part of this faild nation, you would have been begging for few million dollars from CPEC, your future would have been hostage for Kashmir, you would have to prove your loyalty everyday. Any tom dick harry would point finger towards you. Your valuable generations would be part of proxy wars of Punjabi establishment, discovery of mutilated bodies of your youth would have been routine. Mother, sisters, wives and children would wait for your young ones endlessly.
    Your nation was courageous to put last kakool trained general Irshad behind bars and ending fear of military coups forever.
    You are so lucky, so lucky and you should be proud of it.

  • @parvez said in Bangladesh China Economic Proposal:


    This legality of war crimes court is not clear to me. Would you like to explain (with references both domestic and international} the rationale of doing this. To me it seems mostly political.

    I would welcome your response.

    Thank you for your concern in this matter. I will try to clear as much as possible in this matter with references.
    The legality of war crime I will explain later, First you need to understand “why Government felt it necessary to prosecute “the war criminals” after 40 years”

    the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act (ICTA) was passed in 1973 “to provide for the detention, prosecution and punishment of persons for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and other crimes under international law.” At the time, the ICTA was a significant contribution to the development of international criminal law. However, several legislative and/or executive orders effectively halted the trials and granted immunity to certain select groups. The Bangladesh National Liberation Struggle (Indemnity) Order issued in 1973 gave immunity to all “freedom fighters” in connection with the struggle for liberation. Then, Prime Minister Mujib declared a general amnesty for all Bangladesh citizens who had collaborated with West Pakistan except those accused of murder, rape, arson, or genocide.
    The trials where halted because Bangladesh had was newly formed country, the number of domestic arm forces were small in a number with no proper weapons . The war of liberation was mainly fought by the normal people of Bangladesh, after independence Bangabandhu Sheikh mujib of rahman appealed the nation to return the weapons to the authority but most of the people kept it , hid it. After the War crime Act was passed People starting killing each other for personal reasons.. People saw it a opportunity to gain something or to kill someone who they are having issues over land property, So our leader gave immunity to everyone except those who directly accused of rape, murder, rape and arson.
    Then situation got worsened after the assassination of sheikh mujib ur rahman and his whole family except his 2 daughters Sheikh hasina and sheikh rehana who were at that time in London for their studies. After the assassination , Fear of civil war Army took over the government under Major Gen ZIa Ur Rahman. Who felt Bangladesh should now concentrate on its future not past. So the trials never happened.
    (Domestic sources -
    International sources

    Now after taking power Gen zia ur rahman promised for democratic election and said army will hand over the power after the election.. Till that in presence of founder of nation there was no any other party formed and after the assassination, army killed the founder members of Bangladesh who were also member of awami league party ( source ) there was big leader to run awami league.. and election can not be run with single party.. So he re-introduced multi-party politics In 1978, General Zia ur rahman ran for and an overwhelmingly won a five-year term as President. The next year elections were held for the National Assembly. Opponents questioned the integrity of the election. Formed a party Bangladesh National party (BNP) along with other freedom fighters who were awarded highest civilian award for their struggle during war. His party won the election and he became the president.

    (,_Bangladesh this indeminity act is not related to this topic but its worth mentioning a act was passed which guranted full immunity to those persons who were involved in Sheikh mujib ur rahman assassination)
    Zia enacted several controversial measures, some to discipline the army, some to solidify his power and some to win the support of right wing political groups such as the Jamaat-e-Islami. He also allowed leaders of the banned Jamaat-e-Islami to run for office under a different name (Islamic Democratic League, IDL). Zia was criticised for lifting their ban as Jamaat-e-Islami had collaborated with the Pakistan army and committed war crimes fighting against Bangladeshi independence. The exiled chief of the Jammat-e-Islami, Golam Azam, was allowed to come back and visit his ill mother to Bangladesh in July 1978 with a Pakistan passport on a visitor's visa, and allowed to stay in Bangladesh following his visa's expiration without a court case lodged against him for his alleged role in wartime atrocities. Zia also facilitated the comeback of the Muslim League and other Islamic parties, appointed the highly controversial anti-independence figure Shah Azizur Rahman (who was earlier released from jail by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1973[31]) prime minister.

    Domestic source Golam azam allowed to visit Bangladesh and how it all started” -
    Hamdood ur rahman commission report you will see pak military establish para military
    forces, Al-Badr, Al-shams and they gave them weapon and power to do their work
    since the whole world is watching after april 1971 they needed someone to do their work.

    Before the election of 2008, Awami league party said if we come to the power, we will we will prosecute War criminals so after they came to the power , they organized a committee and setup tribunal.

    First controversy came when a skype conversation of tribunal judge was hacked and published on newspaper..

    but you see the judge was not experience of and he was taking help from senior judge from international crime court from Hague.. if it was setup politically he wouldnot find it necessary to consult from anyone the verdict would have been in favour of government.. but the judgement was to life sentence to quader mullah and the public reaction to this judgement you can see in the link given below

    Banning of jamat-e-Islami party
    This party was only banned to participate in election based on these points.
    The ideology and principle of this party is based on single religion.
    This party put God above constitution
    And This party is a part of foreign party

    Jamat-e-Islami party is banned only from entering to politics, Not their other activities, The party still exists and doing their other activities.

    Bangladesh is 87% muslim population with 13% non muslim population. It is a sovereign country which can not allow the party whose ideology and principle based on these points.

    Now the trials did not meet the standard of international laws, I agree, because after 40 years proof has been fabricated and most of the witness has died, the remaining ones were scared of the lives of their family. But I can assure you it was morally solid and government has support of people of this nation. Even opposition party did not say anything regarding this matter.

  • @ghost-protocol brother,
    This is where pakistan failed, as you see during 1971 war when india saw pakistan sent their forces to kashmir borders feared of losiing kashmir instead of sending their arm forces to east pakistan to regaiin the part which belongs to you, Pakistan clearly shown its obsession towards kashmir.

    Indira gandhi was criticized for not asking for extra land in return of 93000 PoWs during shimla agreement. Pakistan intellectuals was failed to understand india policy to engage pakistan with kashmir...