CJP says country being run like monocracy

  • Who in Obama's family is part of his Administration and who in Nawaz Sharif's family is not part of his administration?

  • Judges should speak through their judgements not chit-chat. Iftikhar Chaudhary didn't leave a good precedence for the judiciary.
    CJ clarified his remarks this way today:
    "The news item gives the impression as if Chief Justice of Pakistan is inciting people against the rulers of Pakistan. Therefore it is clarified that the news item as reported that people should stand up against the rulers is totally false, baseless and misleading, the press release added. In fact the Chief Justice of Pakistan had remarked, ‘people should carefully assess the situation and prudently use their right to vote while electing their representatives’."

    My personal view on hereditary politics is that as long as people are elected that is acceptable in a democracy. However, when Mairam Nawaz, who wasn't elected to any office, became head of a powerful program, I considered that crossing the line.

    Political dynasties are well and thriving in our region. Pakistan has two or three but India has a dozen prominent cases at this point where a family member has taken the rein after the father.

  • The CJ here not breaking the news here. Every other person in Pakistan says we have made mockery of democracy by making it family enterprise.