Discuss Login Issues

  • administrators

    Dear Members,

    I apologize for the recent login issues on the discuss forum.

    I have now changed the login method so that users will now login locally on the forum instead of being authorized from the main site. However this method requires you to reset your password so that it is added in the new system. Your existing account will remain same.

    You will need your email address associated with you login id to reset the password, kindly let me know if you have forgotten or would like to update the email address.

    Kindly email me at discuss@pkpolitics.com in case of any issues.


  • Admin sahib: There is another issue with me. One or two threads do not open in spite of my clicking the mouse on the thread heading. Some threads that I open and want to reply with my comments, the reply button doesn't respond to my clicking. Kindly, let me know if this is only with me or it is a general issue. If so, please advise me the solution.