November 2

  • It seems that the political temperature is on the rise though the temperature of Islamabad i starting to cool down. I dont know if PTI's movement is a sign of maturity of our political system or it is a sign of immaturity. JI, PPP, PTI, MQM etc have been playing role of opposition in streets rather than the very parliament which they claim to belong to.

  • Islamabad High Court on a four-citizens' petition has ordered the government not to block Islamabad roads and street through dumping containers on one hand and on the other, advised PTI to make procession/dharna on some open ground such the city routines remain unaffected. Let us see how much this order is honored by both the parties.

  • Before "lockdown", "crackdown" has started. More than 100 PTI youths have been arrested and locked up on charges of violating sec.144. Heat is on before Nov.2.