Just a speculation

  • Yesterday (Oct. 27.2016) at 04:30 four top PML-N leaders which included Shahbaz Sharif, CM Punjab, Chaudhry Nisar, Interior Minister, Ishaq Daar, visited GHQ and requested a confidential meeting with top brass headed by Army Chief. This meeting took place and concluded after one and half hour. This is one senario.
    In the same evening around Maghreb time security men and police force that was already deployed in Islamabad started crack down on PTI workers, 2nd and 3rd tier activists which were already gathered for a meeting and arrested more than 100 PTI persons with force and authority that included free baton beatings. It is 2 a.m. Oct. 28, the crack down is still going on. In that Banigala house of Imran Khan has been surrounded by security and police men. The same crack down is also going on in Lal Haveli, Shaikh Rashid area.
    Now an speculation is in circulation that the above PML-N leaders had unearthed the person responsible for the controversial leak of the Security Plan meeting talks. I think Cyril Almeida had been pressed hard to name the leaking person. Whatever may the reality but I think the most probability is that in the yesterday’s meeting the name of Pervaiz Khattak has been told to Army generals as the leaker. This is just a speculation which I consider the cause of this balatant crack down.

  • It could be true; however, I see more chances that Pervez Rashid or some other minister leaked it. The reason is that the news was leaked to an English newspaper, aimed to broadcast it to the foreign governments. the news was never meant for Pakistani public. Khattak would have leaked it to a local newspaper if the objective was to create a rift between the government and the army.

    The sad part is that government has every right to inquire and investigate army on protecting these terror cells. Civilians are going to answer to the public in the next election as to why Pakistan is being isolated in the world. But here were sending federal ministers and a chief minister to calm down down the army chief.

  • "Civilians are going to answer to the public in the next election as to why Pakistan is being isolated in the world"

    Are they? Will they? Will the Public ask questions?
    I am afraid the answer is No. If only the public were politically astute the country will not be in such a mess. The Interior Minister had in a Press Conference promised that an enquiry into the leak will be completed in two days and the nation will be informed of the result. Has it happened? Have the public demanded the result from the Interior Minister.

    Yes, in the next election public will elect. And they will get what they deserve.

  • Qarar sahib: Your insight about political acrobats is far better than me. Pervaiz Rashid has resigned or has been forced to resign. The reason looks much to this newsleak. Pak politics is taking topsy-turvy after every hour at this juncture.

  • @imtiazahmed sahib

    We have seen this game from Zardari and NS more than once. They both tried to take a stand against the army but then surrendered quickly when they saw a stern response from them. In all cases, they found a scapegoat and then apologized to the army chief. The meeting you referred to in your first post was probably an apology tour by Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif.