• At 1500 Hrs. Imran Khan announced postponement of his DHARNA, instead, tomorrow at Parade Ground all should gather to celebrate "Yom-e-Tashakkur". This turn around, he said, is due to Supreme Court admitting "Talashi" petition on day to day basis.

  • I've seen many "Talashi" commissions against Zardari, and we all know the results. No one could convict Zardari on 20-25 year old cases. This commission against NS will suffer the same fate. If the only thing IK is finding against NS is a 1993 case, then he needs to re-evaluate his strategy. What about the last three years? The next elections campaign will be run on the last five years.

  • Qarar sahib: I agree with you, history will repeat itself. IK was jubilant when a commission was formed by SC to find out the "dhandli" in 2013 election. Same jubilation he is making now. Or may be it's a face saving. I don't know why he makes such tall claims. A politician should be careful and diplomatic in his statements which he lacks big time.

    About the corruption cases in courts, it requires solid proofs to pronounce guilty.

  • Panama Leaks was a political issue not legal. God knows why Imran Khan punted it to supreme courts. May be he didn't have confidence of numbers. This will strengthen Nawaz Sharif even more.

  • @Shirazi1 Ik has lost much credibility in this episode. Soon politicos are going to focus on 2018 elections and PTI will be considered a light weight. This situation will help PPP in Punjab and PMLn will go full force into KPK.

  • Can someone tell me how many persons were in attendance in "yom Tashakkur" jalsa. I have seen the photos but could not make out even the roughly figures. The jalsa was like the same as it used to be - a good colorful gathering but certainly not one million by any stretch of vision. Many corners had cozy spaces. One may call a good jalsa but same jalsa as usual, same speeches as usual. I am afraid it might adversely affect the popularity graph of Imran Khan.

  • Imran Khan needs to go back to cricket to win popularity again. Dharna - Marriage - Divorce - U-trun from Dharna .... that's historic down hill journey.

  • According to Talat Hussein ...

    Syed Talat Hussain ‏@TalatHussain12 13h13 hours ago
    9:30 pm. Just before Imran Khan speech,intelligence and police estimates of peak numbers at Pti jalsa: ten to 11 thousand.