New Army Chief will be having more problems at his hand

  • General Raheel is holding his backpack but still his successor has not been announced – may be tomorrow or on Monday. Many badges of successes Gen. Raheel achieved but many new demons are rising their heads which the successor will have to deal with. Not only our Eastern front (Line of Control at Kashmir) is heating up every passing day we are facing a big problem on our Western frontiers i.e. Afghanistan. Afghanistan does not recognize the durand line and claims KPK as their part. We have constructed a strong barbed wire and check posts to control the illegal and terrorists traffics. Of late, Pakistani jawans started flag lowering ceremonies at Pak-Afghan borders as the same has been the practice on Eastern (Indo-Pak) check posts). To this, Afghan government has lodged a strong protest with Pak Govt.:

    “ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN — Afghanistan denounced as “improper and provocative” a unilateral flag-lowering ceremony Pakistan recently introduced at a main border crossing with its western neighbor. An Afghan foreign ministry statement Friday warned that the Pakistani action at the Chaman crossing point violates bilateral commitments and “in the present sensitive situation could further vitiate bilateral relations.” Kabul traditionally opposes Pakistani attempts to construct permanent structures at the border because it does not recognize it as an international boundary between the two countries” - CNN