Castro is dead

  • Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader of Cuba, is dead at age 90. Castro overthrew the capitalist government of Cuba in 1959 and remained all powerful communist dictator. He ruled for 49 years till due his ailing age he handed over the reign to his younger brother, Raul Castro. Raul appeared in his green uniform on national TV hookup, last Friday and officially announced demise of Fidel Castro.

    Throughout his reign, Castro remained anti-American. Many conspiracies are tagged with CIA for Fidel’s assassinations – all in vain. USA resorted to economic sanctions that was the reason Cubans remained poverty stricken. The most important event during his rule was Kennedy’s blockade by all US Marine forces around Cuba, when Khrushchev sent ships loaded with nuclear missiles to Cuba. This was the result of a pact between Soviet Union and Cuba to facilitate nuclear warhead missile bases in Cuba. This blockade made rest of the world chilling and shivering as third world war was a strong probability. However, Khrushchev bowed down and ordered his ships to return. However, Fidel Castro remained kicking and anti-American. The main export of Cuba is sugar and USA was the chief purchaser. When USA refused to buy Cuban sugar Khrushchev announced to buy the same. However, this remedial action for Communist Cuba by Communist Soviet Union could not translate into betterment of Cuban economy.