Junaid Jamshed is feared dead in a plane crash

  • It is feared that the renowned singer turned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed perished in a plane crash. His wife was also travelling with him. The ill fated PIA plane was en route from Chitral to Islamabad while during flight it caught fire and crashed down. The TV channels are detailing the name of the passengers and crew. The plane crashed in such a place where ambulances can’t reach that far. Rescue teams are reaching there but possibility of injured living persons is too thin. The site of the crash is described two hour from Abbottabad. It is 6:37 in Pakistan and the news is still pouring in with no certainity. Junaid Jamshed had gone to Chitral on Tablighi mission. May Allah bestow mercy on us.

  • List of passengers of crashed PIA plane flight # PK 661 Flight/Date – PK 0661 07DEC16

    1. Abid Qaiser
    2. Ahsan SS
    3. Ahtiram ul Haq
    4. Aisha
    5. Akbar Ali
    6. Akhtar Mehmood
    7. Amir Shoukat
    8. Amna Ahmed
    9. Maahrukh Ahmed
    10. Aasim Waqas
    11. Ateeq Muhammad
    12. Farah Naz
    13. Farhat Aziz
    14. Gohar Ali
    15. Gul Norani
    16. Haji Nawaz
    17. Han Qiang
    18. Harald Kessler
    19. Hassan Ali
    20. Herwig Eichelbenger
    21. Junaid Nayha
    22. Khan Junaid Jamshed
    23. Mehmood Atud
    24. Mirza Gul
    25. Farhan Ali
    26. Muhammad Ali Khan
    27. Muhammad Khalid Masood
    28. Muhammad Khan
    29. Muhammad Khawar
    30. Muhammad Nouman Shafique
    31. Muhammad Takbeer Khan
    32. Nigar Uddin
    33. Osama Ahmed Warraich
    34. Rani Mehreen
    35. Salman Zainulabidin
    36. Sami SA
    37. Samina Gul
    38. Shamshad Begum
    39. Taiba Aziz
    40. Taimoor Arshid
    41. Umara Khan
    42. Zahida Perveen
      Male – 31 Female ─ 9 Infants ─ 2

  • JJ was an entrepreneur. Be it music, religion or garments. He knew how to build and sell product. Of course I didn't like most of the stuff he said as evangelist but that's my personal bias. His songs and garments were high quality.

    RIP !

  • Indeed a great loss for families and Victims of this tragedy and as nation in general.
    Agreed with Kashif, we had and have enough mullahs but very few artists of his stature. RIP

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  • Well said, Friend Ayatullah Adnak

    Everyone seems to be so obsessed with Junaid Jamshed that they forget that there were other victims of the crash. If this is not a VIP culture, I don't know what is?