Dry Weather likely To continue Till January PMD Report!

  • Dry Weather likely To continue Till January PMD Report!

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    Punjab currently faces the driest winter ever witnessed. The cause ultimately is the climatic changes mainly due to "No Policy" on preserving ecology. The weather has affected most parts of the country with Punjab at the front. A top official at Pakistan Meteorological Department stated the weather would remain unchanged till January next year. He further warned the current weather would aggravate water shortage in the country.

    While there still seems no concern by the PMLN government to make a national policy to counter the negative climatic changes faced by the country, no other politician other than Moonis Elahi raises concern over the issue. Vice President Dr. Ghulam Rasool, of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), while speaking to the Express Tribune, a leading news site within the country, said that since September this year Pakistan has not received a good amount of rainfall. Even the northern areas which are hilly and mostly covered in snow during the winter have not received "Good Showers" and "Snowfall" is less expected to fall until January. While it is expected that some parts of the country will receive light to moderate rainfall, it is not enough to fulfill the need.

    Under the current weather condition, days are warm while the nights are cold. For the winter season, this is not a good sign as due to clear skies the sun remains open throughout the day increasing the temperature. Clear skies mean less potential for rain in Punjab and less snowfall in the northern areas. Though PMD has warned of acute water shortage in the coming months, the concerned authorities have widely ignored these warnings, Moonis Elahi has once again raised his concern as we do not see any policy coming to shape regarding the abrupt changes in the climate of Pakistan.

    For the first time ever Lahore had witnessed SMOG which was only due to cutting down of trees. To make roads for Lahore Metro Buses and destruction of plants in the city for the Orange Train, CM Lahore Shahbaz Sharif has caused an increase in the destruction of greenery in the city. Moonis Elahi has said time and again that unless the ecology system s kept in balance the country at large will face many climatic and health issues. People are reporting with ailments in hospitals mainly due to the dry weather. Dr Rasool has said the situation is alarming and the government should pay attention to it.