Grand game changer

  • During his address at Karachi airport after one and a half year self-exile, Asif Zardari quoted one sentence, which kept me quesive for some day but every passing day the picture is getting clear in my mind. I don’t remember his exact words, but he said something like this: “Mr. Nawaz Sharif! Don’t forget I am the architect of grand game changer of world economy. CPEC is just a small factor of the main game. You are only busy in contracts”. This line hit my mind big time.
    As the news are pouring in and as the development in and around Gawadar Port continues things in my mind are getting clear. China has already captured American markets. Now it has plan to capture European and North African countries’ market. For supplying manufactured goods small and big from China, Gwadar stands a pivotal point. In that, China would save a lot of freight expenses that is being incurred due shipment through Shanghai port. This part of story we already know from the very bieginning. What is more than this. I collected some news clips that are interesting.
    China is already purchasing the barren and occupied lands in and around Gwadar. An unconfirmed news is in circle that China plans to dwell 600,000 Chinese in Gwadar. Another news is three chambers of commerce have raised concerns over China’s building industrial units and warehouses alongside the CPEC. One news is detail analysis of Pakistan’s sudden surge in its stretigic military power that include all viz. army, navy and airforce – thanks to China. China’s own marine force from frigates, cruisers, aircraft carriers and submarines to safeguard Gwadar waters is on the card. There are reports that Pak Government is going to offer huge packages of monetary and welfare to all the angry Baluch sardars and has agreed to their administrative control on Gwdar like Dubai. KPK and Sindh upliftments projects have already been documented. China is leaving no stone unturned. There is a distinct tilt of friendly relations of Russia and Iran with Pakistan.
    Now link all these pieces of confirmed and unconfirmed news you will get a clearpicture. I still think, this is not all said and done. A bigge game might shape up in future. Let us wait and see. Last line – georgraphy plays an important role for a country’s fate..

  • Referring to Mr. Zardari is enough to know about your intellectual level.
    Thoughts, preemptions and foreign paid agents have already destroyed Kalabagh Dam. Now you come up with other ideas to frustrate public opinion and to cast a shadow of doubt upon the common people of Pakistan.

    Please keep watching with patience. Have Faith in Allah. Also learn to speak the truth. No industry was void of electricity but YES during your brother Zardari's tenure it was and Pakistan lost 5 Billion$ worth of exports it used to earn.

    Pak Steel was destroyed by Zardari when his famous people were getting the whole production and huge amount of kick backs and commission were involved. Then when its financial position declined due to corrupt Zardari regime, yousaf raza inducted another 5000 employees on contract. This virtually sunk Pakistan Steel Mills.

    If politicians of Sind lay their political hands off Pakistan Steel, with a bit of investment it is going to be in profit as it used to be during pre PPP era.

    Yes one whose money is at stake can run day in day out in trying to save national institutions. Sharif Family has proven this in early fifties when ittefaq Foundries was the largest factory producing steel. Since it was owned by an investor, he made sure that every thing went in a way that earned him profit.

    After mush era ( BB's NRO father) Ittefaq Foundry has shutdown. What a pity.

    Please note that Punjab has learned its lessons well and is NOT Allah Willing going to vote for PPP OR Zardari OR Balawal.

    So keep guessing and keep spreading disappointment among the masses but the masses more mature than you.

  • This article is not Zardari or Nawaz Sharif specific. If you are weak in reading and understanding Engliish, go get some coaching. Since you look like a child, I politely tell you this article is CPEC specific. You wasted my time in reading your comment.