Trump: Trends in his policies

  • This week Donald Trump will be officially taking over the presidency of the United States. I have searched the electronic media for some serious analysis of his policies without success. So here is my effort as to where things are going.

    Trump has spent a lifetime high risk business ventures. His measure of value is profit and cashflow. He is not risk averse. He loves to confront and put down anybody who gets in his way. Similarly, facts and logic are rated lower when value is determined by money. He is comfortable with a few strong allies rather number of weak allies. He is proud of his wealth and does not mind flaunting it. He is elected president by voters left behind by globalization.

    His initial focus is going to be wealthy and potentially wealthy countries. These include Japan, Germany, China and Russia. He is looking for significant contribution from Japan and Germany.
    Nato/Germans are unwilling to spend significantly more on defense. They also have an option of making their own deal with Russia. Putin will be happy to play Nato against Trump. Japan has no options as such and put their chips on Trump.

    The 2nd rung countries have to wait and see how the wind blows. This includes Turkey, Iran, Saudis, Indians and others. Given Trump’s personality, he is not inclined to put more resources in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. But these are pet projects of Defense Dept. You already see some divergences between them.

    South Asia and Africa don’t count for much in his calculus. So get ready to be ignored.

    I welcome all serious comments