Justice Pakistani Style

  • • In his Talk Show DNA on March 01, 2017 the anchor Choudhary Ghulam Hussain was very happy that hopes had emerged that derailed country had started coming back to the track. The reason of his joy was that a Judge resigned when a reference started against him. Choudhary Ghulam took it as the first drop of rain. It is the firm belief of this senior citizen that the biggest ill-knowledged and ill-updated today in our society, almost 90%, are our anchors. These 90% treat themselves as intellectuals and as the symbol of their intellectualism frequently during the debate become hot with bad mouthing. The Anchor is not aware of that when an enquiry, a probe or an investigation starts against an accused, he can’t resign till the final outcome of that. If the resignation of the concerned judge has been accepted, it means the already derailed system has gone more off the track as acceptance of this resignation means some “inside” sympathizer has come as, according to Sheikh Rasheed “Rescue 1122”. It is giving safe escape. Soon the concerned judge due to his “today’s merit” would get some other more lucrative job; for example the Headline titled “Wafaqi Mohtasib becomes safe haven for corrupt officers” in our national dailies dozens of commissioners, some of whom under NAB eyes, on hefty pay and allowances in sheer violation of rules and regulations have been appointed in the Ombudsman Office.