• Rauf Klasra in his talk show March 9, 2017 stated how he being a Reporter attends the Assembly to cover up different proceedings. He was more than all praise worthy for a lady legislator Ms. Naeema Kishwar from the Tribal Areas whose name initially Rauf could not know but only introduced she was in “Hijab”. My mentioning of her “Hijab” might offend many like Asma Jehangir, Pervaiz Hoodbhoy etc. Rauf quoted that she despite from being tribal backward area, raised a very beautiful issue. She questioned had anyone from the helm of affairs ever thought of “visiting” the widows and children of those who sacrificed their lives just to know as to how their lives were. She questioned if the State’s duty finished with issuing routine words spiritless condolences on the day of occurrence and announcing Rs. 5 lac cost of a life?

    1. The States and their rulers who really know the importance of those sacrificed their lives for the country and its people, what they do? The answer is the Kingdom of Bahrain. For examples many Pakistanis, in addition to people from other countries, have sacrificed being victims hrough the hands of foreign-funded anti socials. The State called to Bahrain the families of the deceased like wife, children, father, mother, brothers-sisters etc. Gave them full-fledged furnished fine accommodations with fridges, electric cookers, air conditions in all rooms, carpets, full high class furniture, free electricity. In addition, high monthly finance subsistence is fixed for the father, mother and the widow. Regular monthly financial deposits in children accounts for these orphans to get on attaining adult status. Employments to all family members brought from Pakistan. Often gifts costly gifts on Eids, food, care, free medical, free Haj and Umrah etc facility is afforded to these families. Last week my wife told me that one such young widow told her that the Government has two weeks back asked them to complete the paper work as all these are being bestowed with Bahraini nationality. Honourable nations remember their martyrs like this.

    2. Where the State and its rulers truly serve the people, the people with more emotions and devotions stand “in front of them” as shield. Where it is contrary, the silent majority every evening six to eleven sits “in front of mini screen” eagerly awaiting their un-spelled silent hidden prayers being Accepted through announcement of Panama decision.

    PS: I addressed this on 29 March 2017 as a letter to the Editor to our Pakistani dailies viz DAWN, The News, Express Tribune, Nation, Pakistan Today, Pakistan Tribune, Daily Times etc but none gave it a space. Publishing or not is the sole discretion of an Editor and this senior in no case can claim it as a right. My letter was not a master piece in any way. However, it had an important issue. The editor could had put this citizen in hell but could had after, investigating at his own, inserted the issue in his Daily as a news item, a report from the daily or feedback to the nation. But it all proved such issues have no value at all for our media today except for sensational items like what in colour dress Ayan Ali came to the Court. 14/04.2017