• With the time, everything has changed. For this seventy years old, the world has “turtled down” whereas for my young it has “turtled up”. In my childhood رشوت was 8 Annas (50 paisa of today) mostly taken by a police constable for double riding or without light bicycling in the evening. In Mohallahs people clearly kept themselves at distance from those alleged to be living a little above their earning. Today more a person is known earning through notorious means, people feel honoured to have a forced relation with him. A doctor cried in my old days if in fever you were not embedded even in summer in a woolen blanket. Today even in winter the doctor cries why fevered child was not in AC. In my childhood even a little cold water was prohibited for a fevering patient. Today a doctor advises frequent cold chilled 7-up. Just after Maghreeb Adhan, we the children went into deep sleep. Today, in my present old age my wife and own child “silently” labell me a “pandoo” because I go to bed 09.00 and unsuccessfully wish them too. In my childhood if a teacher sticked a student, his parents beat him too without knowing what was the reason of teacher’s anger. Today if a teacher just shouts on a student, next day his father with colleagues rushes school threatening the whole school management. Everything has changed.

    1. Today I am 70 plus and I am destroying my life’s madly preserved copies, articles, documents, cuttings. This morning I destroyed a decision by the then Federal Ombudsman unmatched for Mr. Justice Sardar Iqbal. A citizen complained him that he had no loan against him but his name appeared in the newspaper published lists of defaulters. The ombudsman investigated and verified the facts. Till جمہوریت کا حسن had taken birth. As such the Ombudsman in his Decision directed the Pakistan Banking Council and the concerned bank to pay handsome compensation to the complainant for defaming him.

    2. 20.08.2013 I entered UBL SD Vault Branch Karachi for operating my locker. I was told locker rents were overdue. As going to Clifton with my wife, I never keep Nikhanama with me, going to Bank I had not kept in my pocket last rent paid receipt but only the locker key. To avoid argument, instantly I paid Rs. 9,300 for two year rent with penalty though no rent was due. Eight days after having paid whatever was demanded, on 28.08.2013 my name appeared in press in the list of locker rent defaulters.

    3. I approached the protector of citizens right called the Banking Mohtasib Pakistan. Despite my age, I forgot that time had long changed. Under the law, a Mohtasib is bound to issue his final Decision within 60 days. A written Decision, as is universal practice, contains the gist of complaint, counter comments of the defendant, Mohtasib’s evaluation and observation and finally his decision upholding fully or practically the complaint, issue his Orders to the defendant OR rejecting the complaint as baselines. It is about three years. I have not received or seen even a word of reprimand to the Bank, any word of sympathy for this complainant. In simple words this complete silence, personally as appears to me, is a message from the Banking Mohtasib for this senior citizen bank customer “how dare you the street commoner thinking you have any respect in the first instance to get damaged”? Technically and in practice thus, the Banking Mohtasib, by ignoring the complaint has officially and legally sealed as right the whole act of looting and defaming by the UBL proving since today there is جمہوریت کا حسن hence is the ugly an ordinary.