• By Javed - 26 June 2017

    Mid 60s in Karachi, I had a very capable senior officer. If the memories in this age are not bent upon to fail this senior citizen, he was perhaps at the partition the first Pakistani holding two engineering Degrees. Two newspapers officially came to our office but it was his instruction never to put any on his table. He did not like reading newspapers. According to him, the newspapers bring for you headache. I am now 70 and today I realize he was right.

    1. A fortnight back Mujahid Barailvi, a serious and senior journalist in his talk show covered the topic of garbage dumped in the whole Karachi. He visited many such spots with his camera. A week earlier to that another Anchor had touched the same issue. Though I am 70, yet I can without any hesitation say that I saw in my full senses in the Karachi newspapers two months back the photographs yellow coloured waste collection heavy trucks lined up somewhere in the city. The detail read that those trucks were from Malik Riaz who “voluntarily, came out to clean the city. There were talk shows, then, crying where was the Sindh Government, what was the local Karachi Administration doing and most importantly what would be the use from now onward of Rs. 50 crore every month the government record shows being “spent” on keeping the Karachi clean. While I had reached upto here, the latest talk show Night Edition started its first segment on Karachi’s since years not cleaned katchra.

    2. This confused senior citizen wonders if anchors like Mujahid Berailvi are telling lies showing garbage or those anchors were fooling the nation discussing the gesture of Malik Riaz and criticizing the Sindh concerned authorities. Yousif Raqza Gilani visited a floods victim emergency center in Multan and talked with patients lying on beds with drips and bandages. Some “conspirator TV channels” instead of covering it, showed how within minutes Gilani turned back, those very patients jumping up, dismantling and packing the emergency center.

    3. Malik Riaz’s trucks came for a photograph only if Mujahid is right?

    4. While for my officer the newspapers were headache, then the new breed of today’s talk shows for this senior citizen are “migraine”.