ḳhudāvandā ye tere sāda-dil bande kidhar jaa.eñ --- ki durveshī bhī ayyārī hai sultānī bhī ayyārī

  • Changing stances - from threatening to pleading, to mixed - of PML-N leadership during sixty days of JIT's working life and on production of its final, damning report.
    Well, I am not impressed. How do others feel?

  • It is an established fact that barring the founding leaders, our corrupt and inept leaders from either stream or political party have, through their corruption, nepotism and ineptness, managed to cut the country into half , in a mere two dozen years, abandoning a few hundred thousand Paksitanis to languish in sub-human conditions in Bangladesh.

    Still, I have been unable to make my mind who to hate more: these corrupt leaders with insatiable greed or the barristers and other legal experts who, for a fat fee, feel no shame in defending such characters and in many cases, manage to keep them imposed on the country and its crores of people, making their lives more and more miserable with every passing day, while continuing to fatten the bank balances and asset holdings of self, family, friends and associates, and of course of their legal advisers.

    One could sometimes even have a soft corner for street criminals who may have been forced to resort to such activities because of lack of employment opportunities or absence of other honest means to earn a living. However, what to think of these barristers and legal experts who are obviously not that hard up and who, for a fat fee, to satisfy their excessive greed and not a pressing need, think nothing of selling the country and throw crores of suffering, unfortunate Pakistanis down the drain.

    Surprisingly, the masses continue to treat these leaders, barristers and legal experts with 'respect' which is perhaps why such characters continue thriving in societies like ours.


  • @srh-hashmi Dismissing the findings of JIT, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif claimed, with conviction, that there was no burden on his conscience.

    Of course not. The burden is on the 'dharti instead', this sohni dharti Pakistan.