Allegations at the Supreme Court

  • Justice Mian Saqib Nisar
    Chief Justice
    Supreme Court of Pakistan
    Constitution Avenue, G-5/2

    Subject: Allegations at the Supreme Court

    Dear Sir,

    On July 12, at about 3 pm, a veteran politician and former legislator Javed Hashmi held a press conference in Multan. During the press conference, he revealed four points (given here in italic) in the following time-line sequence:

    1. Time = 3: 22 pm
      Imran Khan (Chairman, Pakistan Tehreke Insaf) revealed to Javed Hashmi that there was placed a certain arrangement under which, after Tassaduq Hussain Jillani got retired as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the judges would issue a verdict to dissolve (or dislodge) the parliament and this dissolution (or dislodging) would not be called Martial Law.

    My comments:

    In this part of the message, Javed Hashmi is saying that:
    a. The judges of the Supreme Court are instrumental in undermining the incumbent government under one ruse or the other.
    b. The judges of the Supreme Court are intent on sabotaging the electoral mandate given by the electorate to the incumbent government.

    Here, Javed Hashmi is levelling a very serious allegation at the Supreme Court that its judges are implicated in hatching some kind of conspiracy against the incumbent government in connivance with some other institution of the state. In his utterance, Javed Hashmi reiterated the words which he voiced at a press conference that he held on September 1, 2014 in Islamabad.

    So far, I have not seen anyone levelling publicly such a serious allegation at the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, as a member of public, what concerns me is that on both instances (September 1, 2014 and July 12, 2017), the Supreme Court has observed silence contrary to its established practice of taking cognizance of the matter by inviting a transcript of the speech/press conference and framing a charge sheet of Contempt of Court.

    The silence being observed by the current establishment of the Supreme Court including you bears the effect of eroding the credibility of the Supreme Court in the eyes of the public.

    To me, a member of public, the silence of the Supreme Court each time means that there is some truth in the publicly uttered statements of Javed Hashmi.

    1. Time = 3:31 pm
      The name of a judge is also present in the Panama-leak scandal but no action has been taken against him.

    My comments:

    In this part of the message, Javed Hashmi is saying that:
    a. The accountability on the Panama-leak scandal is selectively applied.
    b. The Supreme Court is guarding a judge from retribution.

    Here, Javed Hashmi is levelling the second serious allegation at the Supreme Court. As a member of public what concerns me is that the Supreme Court has been applying its judicial powers selectively and that it has been trying to protect a judge from being held accountable. This efforts erodes the credibility of the Supreme Court in the eyes of the public.

    In no case can the Supreme Court dispense justice selectively and under no excuse can the Supreme Court shield a judge.

    1. Time = 3:35 pm
      No one can accuse a judge and invoke the Supreme Judicial Council. Further, the Council is useless and worthless and the Council does not hold judges accountable.

    My comments:

    In this part of the message, Javed Hashmi is saying that:
    a. The Supreme Judicial Council is around just to befool the public into believing that there is extant a body to hold a judge accountable. In fact, this is not the case.
    b. The Supreme Judicial Council has been rendered ineffective by you, as the Chairman of the Council, so that no judge is held accountable.

    Here, Javed Hashmi is levelling the third serious allegation at the Supreme Court that its judges are incriminated in malpractices but they evade the consequences owing to the ineptitude of the Chairman Supreme Judicial Council. That is, you are offering a kind of protection to the malpractices of judges.

    1. Time = 3:40 pm
      If invited, I (Javed Hashmi) would be ready to face the judiciary on these points.

    My comments:

    In this part of the message, Javed Hashmi is saying that:
    a. Whatever he has said is true to the best of his knowledge and belief.
    b. He is ready to appear before any court to substantiate his stance.

    You may be aware of the fact that the Supreme Court is not the property of any of its judges drawing salaries from the public exchequer; instead, the Supreme Court is the property of the people of Pakistan.

    Through this letter, as a member of public, I request you to refute publicly the allegations levelled by Javed Hashmi to assure the people that the Supreme Court is functional as per the dictates of the Constitution.

    Waiting for your kind reply.

    Sincerely, Dated: 17.07.2017

    Dr Qaisar Rashid
    2-B, Ashrafia Park, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
    Cell: 03364189087

    Copy for information and record:

    1. Transparency International – Pakistan, 5-C, 1st Floor, Khayaban-e-Ittehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi.

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    SUMMARY FROM 2013 TO 2017

    NS met with Chinese PM before taking oath, dreamed CPEC and thus dug grave as it felt threat to Rothschild Lobby. CPEC dream was on during Zardari, but corrupt Zardari was not Chinese choice, though he won 2008 elections after massive rigging by elite intelligence agency.

    Shuja Pasha a CIA agent has worked on Pasha Party from 2011, Jews bought media (65% Pakistan media) and 90% social media to make Bani Gala Rangeela what he is today.

    Pasha London Plan 1 was to stop signing of CPEC, Pasha London Plan 2 was stop launching of CPEC by ousting NS. on NS and Chinese wisdom Army Establishment was brought in CPEC under security umbrella. Pasha London Plan 1 failed for Rothschild and its only out come was rescue of Perviaz Musharraf Gaddar plus Army took control of foreign policy matters regarding USA, Afghanistan and India. Gullu Qadri promised will give 50 causalities in Model Town to ignite Pasha London Plan movement but gave just 10 / 11 dead bodies, public support was not also as per thoughts besides massive lafafa media propaganda, other reasons for failure.

    Pajama Leak was CPEC specific, worked out during Maldives holidays of Bani Gala Rangeela by CIA, MI 6, Rothschild Lobby, Daniel S Mecay, Younus Al Goher and other anti Chinese jokers. Not a single inquiry was conducted anywhere in world, Chines/Russia banned any Pajama related barking, so NS first step to One Belt One Road became target.

    Dawn Leak was manufactured by Establishment to take control of NS with massive Pasha Party lafafa media propaganda. but failed.

    Pasha London Plan 2 was than modified to Judicial Murder Plan, as all Nargis Khosa Group of Judges MAFIA were PCO Judges of Perviaz Musharraf Gaddar good time. Massive bribe was given, judgement was 3 - 2 against NS, but Azmat Shiekh met heart attack, which worried MAFIA, plan was modified 3 - 2 in favour of a JIT and NS disqualification was saved. A Whatsaap JIT was founded using practices illegal as per SCP rules, law and constitution of Pakistan.

    Quite written on Whatsaap JIT and Nargis Khosa Group of Judges MAFIA, Rasool and Amir Aziz belongs to Pasha Party, Mangi enrollment illegal as per SCP verdict on NAB, Nomi is not Brigadier in ISI, retired quite long and is a source employee. Took 67 days to make a report and already submitted to Nargis Khosa Group of Judges MAFIA.


    Elite Intelligence gathered many documents after taking over by USA Viceroy in Pakistan via Martial Law Perviaz Musharraf Gaddar, but failed as all these documents were forged, felt disgrace if judges noticed. All record in trash against NS / Sharif Family was packe din 62 boxes and kept in elite agency stores.

    During Pasha London Plan 1, it has to go in 2 parts. Part 1 cordon of PM House, violence outside in RED ZONE to force him run out to save his life, where a technocrat set up has to took over. Part 2 was Judicial murder, as hinted by Javed Hashmi even, to put Sharif Family behind bars once again. NS did not ran to save his life, plan failed. Zaheer Islam Abbassi was head of elite agency and Shuaj Pasha was employee of UAE security agency. UAE feels threatened from CPEC especially Gawader port. Zaheer Islam and Shuja Pasha took out 20000 to 25000 selected papers, which were tempered using Toby Cadman (MI 6 legal consultant) in UK and UAE security agency where Shuja Pasha is employed in 2014.

    Shuja Pasha also gave these documents to Jews for launching Pajama Leaks.

    Nargis Khosa Group of Judges MAFIA gave control of Judicial Academy to Elite Intelligence Agency as per Daily NEWS (same paper whose journalist was used by ICIJ for Pajama conspiracy to give legitimacy, as Geo / Jhang can not be suspected).

    All these tempered documents were once again handed over with a copy of complete investigation report being scripted in 2014/15.

    It is said "for cheating you needs mind too", Whatsaap JIT if have put on a brief to the point report would have been saved from humiliation, but they went with script written 2 years back. This is why you find many a times years are referred when Whatsaap JIT even did not exist. Just one example, 100000 such stupidities can be seen.....

    Shuaj Pasha met Whatsap JIT few members in UAE, gave them old forged documents with new date signatures using his masters influence in UAE. Akhter Raja (cousin of Wajid Zia and activist of Pasha Party, which provide fake documents to Faisal Vodka even) was used as shadow, actual tempering in new dates was done by Toby Cadman and Rothschild/Goldsmith legal team.

    In British Virgin island did not go to authority which hold record, but to a subsidiary type body and propagated him 'Attorney', simple instead of asking tricky question to SECP asked questions to IB if in Pakistan it has to be asked.

    Paper is amply postmortem, well discussed in media, so no more on its contents. Pasha Part lafafa media is propagating it as they are shouting for Bani Gala Rangeela from last 5 - 6 years, so nothing new. In emotions leaked a UAE tempered document of Volume 10, which was requested by Whatsaap JIT not be opened. Volume 10 is group of Fake consultants who were bribed. Rs 23 to 34 Crore was bribed for the tempering of papers by Whatsaap JIT.

    IB worked extraordinary and as evidence of this tempering/bribery besides a copy of Zaheer ul Islam JIT report on which Whatsaap Leak JIT worked. Who leaked it from Elite Intelligence Agency to Sharifs is so far not confirmed.

    Whatsaap JIT was so scared that DID NOT MENTIONED SINGLE RUPEE CORRUPTION against Sharifs in its comedy scripts, took shelter of intelligence terminology on comments against Sharif business like probably, possibly, its seems, likely .....

    Pasha Party lafafa media is doing all, but failed to convince masses in Pakistan, as lost its credibility. All eyes are on Nargis Khosa Group of Judges MAFIA, lets see whether judicial murder plan succeed or not.


    SCP giving all out time to him as 'ladla bacha', changed many lawyers, used Lafafa media to misguide people but failed to give sing money trail. He will never be able to give even.

    Bani Gala Farm House was gifted by Perviaz Musharraf Gaddar over support in referendum using Riaz Tekhdar of Bahria and Taji Kokhar, only they can give money trail like Ayyan Ali.

    Niazi Enterprise is corruption icon of Ikram Ullah Niazi, who managed to take corruption money out of Pakistan after NRO with Zia ul Haq (USA 3rd Viceroy via Martial Law) and opened offshore company on the name of "Bani Gala Rangeela, Aleema, Uzma".

    Anti Pakistan (including Israel, India) evils gave funding to Pasha Party using SKMH NGO and Pasha Party funding NGOs, here to hide individuals Pasha Party has to take shadow of ghost NGOs, hence caught, crime as per law and constitution of Pakistan.


    All Pakistan sure Sharif Family has not done single paisa corruption to Pakistan State money, it is even stamped by Whatsaap JIT as did not wrote single word on it. Personal business is tricky affair, that is why chartered accountants and audit consultant exist, minor lapses even exist in all accounts.

    Allah has blessing on him, made in PM for third time nobody has thought after 199, saved from pasha London Plan 1, Dawn Leaks conspiracy, likely evil judgement of Nargis Khosa Group of Judges MAFIA and hereafter too.

    Only issue is CPEC and 2018 elections. By the grace of Allah no party has ability to contest PML N in politics, so all going for conspiracy, if NS is dead/out of politics they can have any chance.

  • My earlier column on the same topic "The conspiracy against parliament" was published in the Daily Times on September 10, 2014, the link of which is the following:

    Alternatively, a copy of the column is available at my website at the following link:

  • The Supreme Court has yet to come clear of the allegations levelled at its judges publicly not once but twice. No Supreme Court of the world is facing such a challenge of credibility.

  • Allegations leveled by Javed Hashmi dwarf all allegations hurled together at the Supreme Court in the past four years. The Supreme Court is surviving with its blind eye turning towards the corner Hashmi stands to declaim the putative lines.

  • The Supreme Court has not yet refuted the allegations levelled at it by Javed Hashmi.

  • The Supreme Court has not yet refuted the allegation levelled at it by Javed Hashmi.