How Web Design Matters Most to SaaS Companies

  • Software companies use their business websites as a key tool for promoting their products. In order to stay ahead among your competitors, SaaS businesses are needed to offer a more user-friendly design, an easy access to in-depth information and conversion touch points to make visitors to convert. Therefore, SaaS companies need a strategic approach when it comes to creating a web design.

    Here are a few web design strategies that every software company should follow to ensure your website performs better and serves as a strong lead generation tool.

    Focus on Clutter Free Design

    Do you know 30% of users leave a website because the content is too long? However, in-depth, well-written and detailed content is important to get your website appeared in high search engine page rankings. But how can you satisfy the needs of both – search engine and the visitor.

    Perhaps your content is relevant to your prospective buyer, and the format is also appealing. But when it comes to publishing long form content, it is advised to use relevant images to explain your key points. You can simply use card design and break up concepts to different card by using images, text or icons to convey your message. These visual elements will smartly maintain the need of content and help you come up with a visually appealing website.

    White Space is Important

    Any website that offers too much content, images and irrelevant color choice will simply make visitors to leave the website immediately. Since SaaS businesses need to mention some technical specifications, particular features and pricing plans on their website, they are simply advised to offset information overload with a website that greatly utilizes white space.

    A study reveals that a perfect use of white space between paragraphs can simply increase conversion rate by 20%. So, while explaining how your software can help your buyers, make it easier for the readers by using white space.

    Use Videos or Images

    Around 47% of website visitors view the service or product page before visiting any other section of a website. To keep your visitors engaged, it is recommended to show product videos on homepage, product page or about us section. This virtual tour or product demo will simply help visitors to understand what your business offers and how your product can solve their problems.

    If your company wants to collect email info prior to providing access to product trial, simply make sure to use a CTA for a video demo and place it on a suitable place so that visitors can easily see the CTA button.

    Focus on Value Proposition

    When visitors land on your website, it hardly takes 0.05 seconds to make a purchase decision. SaaS businesses want visitors to see the benefits their products offer immediately once the website loads. You only have a few seconds to make this happen, as readers just see the quarter 28% of the content they see on the entire page.

    One way software and technology businesses can use to show consumers the benefits their products offer is through scrolling boxes or bullet points. You can link these points to a detailed information page, so your readers can easily read an in-depth information.

    CTAs must be Prominent

    The CTA buttons you use on your website are important as they make visitors to convert and push them through the sales funnel. It is strongly recommended to make your CTAs big, bold and relevant. Add a compelling text to make users click it. Make sure to use the contrast color of the page so that it looks prominent on the website.

    Each webpage should have a relevant CTA to make the sales process easier. Customize your CTA based on the user journey that add value to your product or company.

    A/B Testing

    For an effective marketing strategy, it is recommended to continually A/B test different elements of your website design to improve it further. SaaS businesses are advised to analyze carefully what landing pages are performing well.

    Use analytics and heatmaps to figure out which elements on your landing page get more clicks, then run A/B tests and improve elements to increase user engagement. You can discover where your prospective client signs off the website by determining bounce rate through Google Analytics.

    Approximately 48% of users think that website design is a critical factor to decide the credibility of a brand, so testing and optimizing is important to earn the trust of your buyers.

    In Closing

    SaaS businesses should keep a customer-first approach in mind while creating their website design. You should focus on customers’ pain points and benefits your product offers to them. Provide a unique value proposition to hook users. So, update your design elements and content to maintain high conversion rates. Contact a professional web design agency that can drive meaningful results for your business and improve the quality of your website.