Trump's threats


    I think one clear lesson that Iraq invasion offered was that states with diverse population where the ruler, even at the cost of being ruthless towards those who opposed his rule, managed to give the vast majority of people a fair degree of peace, progress and prosperity, are best left alone to grow, develop and mature to a full-fledged democracy at their own pace. And this because intervening in such states makes things thousand times worse.

    But despite this simple and clear lesson, the US intervened in Libya and Syria and messed up both. And this offers the other lesson which is that the US is least bothered about massive death and destruction in Muslim countries so long as this serves the interests of its allies , Israel in this case. And US aggression towards Iran is similarly motivated.

    And the above would make it absolutely clear that the US would hardly be concerned over the plight of Afghanistan and Afghans. If possible, it would like to stay there to destabilize Pakistan, Iran and of course China.

    And now the US has another ally, India, whose designs against Pakistan and China are a perfect match, apart from Israel which sees nuclear Pakistan as an even greater threat than Iran. Hence, only a fool will fail to understand the real US aims in the region.

    And how absurd is the US position can be guessed by the fact that having accomplished nothing with the expense of nearly a trillion US dollars, and having nearly 300,000 men comprising US soldiers, civilian contractors and the NATO servicemen, it is now trying to sort out Afghanistan problem with under 20,000 soldiers and on a petty cash budget of a few billion dollars.

    In these circumstances, cooperation that the US would want from us would be for us to embark on a suicidal path to suit American designs and pocket.

    Needless to say, it would be suicidal to try to please the US more so, when China is on our side whose interests match with us.

    Lack of any headway in the limited budget in men and moeny and opposition in the US to this fresh build up in Afghanistan would force the US to withdraw, leaving Pakistan, China, Russia and perhaps Iran to solve the problem through a comprehensive approach including economic uplift of mineral-rich Afghanistan. China sure has plentiful funds seeking investment opportunities abroad as well as the technical know-how. It would welcome an opportunity to dig up vast mineral wealth of Afghanistan for mutual benefit. And by reviving Afghan economy and providing alternate employment opportunities, China can lure many Afghans to peaceful means of earning a living, instead of them just joining the terrorists outfits because of lack of other employment opportunities. China can also easily substitute the little aid that US and India give to Aghanistan.

    Of course, being its neighbours, Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran have a natural interest in peace in Afghanistan as opposed to the US which wants to keep Afghanistan in a permanent state of turmoil in order to justify its presence there. It is because of this that despite agreeing that peace could come to Afghanistan only through a negotiated settlement with Taliban, twice that a possibility of negotiations with Taliban emerged, the US killed the Taliban leaders through drone strikes and scuttled the process.

    As for threats from Donald Trump, I think the best option would be to let the big clown stew in his own juice, which would make him more inclined to get out of Afghanistan fast.


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