Coup talk?


    Comment by S.R.H. Hashmi:

    I am surprised as to why it has become so difficult for Cyril Alemeida to understand that the people of Pakistan definitely want a Democratic form of government but are not prepared to accept Sharifs and Zardaris (or their likes) as the only options available. And this because the former, having been in the 'business' of politics for decades, have developed corruption to an art form, and do it behind the facade of some glittering show-piece projects while the later resort to the crudest of forms - with reports of money exchanged for dollars and sent abroad through launches and couriers apart from building a substantial empire at home. No wonder they have turned the whole of Sindh into a huge rubbish dump with all public service facilities in shambles.

    Moreover, the masses know very well that even hundred elections under the present 'arrangement' will not bring an iota of improvement, and will only make things worse for them. And being desperate, they naturally look for solutions which can come only from outside the 'system'.

    Obviously, the only solution lies in the formation of an interim, caretaker government which conducts some electoral reforms with the minimum being the clear interpretation of eligibility conditions for Assembly aspirants, and their strict application in order to keep out corrupt, habitual offenders which presently form the bulk of the political 'gentry' and to ensure that, through a free and fair election, honest people enter Assemblies, forming dedicated government and effective opposition later, which is about the only hope for the country. Sadiq and Ameen should be the basic criteria for Parliamentarians, but without religious connotations and keeping in mind that this remains basic qualification even in non-religious governments in the developed west where if a leader is found to have fallen short of that, he usually vacates the office instead of waiting to be shown the door and then crying at every forum 'Mujhay kiyon Nikala'.

    Admitted, there may be no Constitutional provision for such an arrangement, but observing how Constitution has been easily and frequently altered to suit personal needs of Nawaz Sharif and other corrupt politicians and officials, surely capable lawyers and the powerful sectors can devise some mechanism to make it happen.

    I hope those who have powers to make it happen do not shy away from, doing what needs to be done in order to enable whatever is left of Pakistan not only to continue but to progress and prosper to bring much-needed relief to the masses who have already suffered a lot. Only such a strong, dedicated government could be capable of withstanding the international pressure from the US-led gang which, after destroying Iraq, Libya and Syria, is now after nuclear Pakistan and Iran, in order to increase the influence of its ally India all the way to Afghanistan, in their attempt to encircle China which, after the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, is the only obstacle to their desire and plan to control and reshape the world to their liking. Just as well that China is on our side and its cooperation with Pakistan is to the benefit of both.