Tillerson is here

  • Talking tough and issuing a blunt warning to Pakistan during his visit to Afghanistan - with Pakistan being next - the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asked Pakistan to go all-out against terrorists who, he alleged, are operating from 'safe havens' in Pakistan and are depriving the US and its allies of an outright victory against Taliban in Afghanistan, and thus hindering the peace process there. Tillerson perhaps forgot that Taliban are in full control of about forty percent of Afghan territory from where they can easily plan and launch attacks.

    Tillerson seems also to have forgotten that with 525,000 soldiers armed to the teeth, the US suffered a humiliating defeat in Vietnam. And yet, in Afghanistan, which is twice the size of Vietnam, has a very difficult terrain and has fighters who have been battle-hardened through decades of fighting, Tillerson is planning to win the war with fewer than 20,000 US soldiers and on a budget of under $ 100 billion a year. Shows you how stupid some people can get.

    In any case, peace and stability in Muslim countries is hardly the US objective. Also, the US wants to increase the influence of its ally India - which is equally opposed to China - right through Pakistan and up to Afghanistan, where India already has a strong presence. This would provide the US a solid front against China against which Tillerson has already expressed his not-so-noble thoughts.

    Also, in implementation of its map-change operation in Muslim states, and having destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria already, the US now wants to concentrate on the biggest trophy: the nuclear-armed Pakistan, and Iran of course. And for this purpose, it has already started shifting its sponsored terrorists Daish and the like, from Middle East to Afghanistan. Just a few days back, former Afghan president Hamid Karzai accused the Americans of air-dropping arms, ammunition and other supplies to Daish in Afghanistan, And alarmed at this development Hamid Karzai, who was basically pro-India, has sought closer cooperation with Pakistan and so has the present Afghan President, Dr. Ashraf Ghani. Unfortunately, Ashraf Ghani can't order Americans out of the country simply because they maintain and pay the salaries of Afghan army and also provide a bit of economic aid to the country.

    Having killed two Taliban chiefs just when there was a move towards a negotiated settlement with Taliban, the US obviously does not want a negotiated settlement. Moreover, it is unable to afford upwards of half a million US soldiers - due to strong opposition which arose within America after Iraq invasion - and lacking resources of trillions of dollars, the US developed an economy package which it applied successfully in Libya and Syria, which involved setting different groups against each other and supplying its men there with arms, ammunition, trainers and air cover, and also shifting hardened fighters there. And the US wants to employ the same 'economy package' in our region, for which it is exerting extreme pressure on Pakistan to cooperate fully to make its own demise possible at the lowest cost to the US in men and money.

    And the recent statement by the CIA chief that the abducted American/Canadian couple was kept hostage in Pakistan by Haqqanis for five years, prior to its release, is also a ploy to increase pressure on Pakistan.

    Unfortunately, our civilian government wrongly blames the armed forces to be behind the judiciary's move against the Sharifs which actually is because of their massive theft of country's wealth, some of which was highlighted through Panama papers issue and which became the starting point for this across-the-board accountability process that has started in Pakistan. Concerned only with of own survival and protection of its massive ill-gotten wealth, the Sharifs would be too pleased to cooperate fully with the US in piling up pressure on the armed forces and during his recent visit to the US, the newly installed joke of a Pakistan's Foreign Minister has already started his campaign by issuing statements which put Pakistan in a bad light. And they will go to any length to achieve their objectives least bothered over what it would do to Pakistan and Pakistanis. For a change, the Pakistani PM Shahid Khaqan Abassi's initial statements are quite encouraging. Let us hope he stands his ground during face-to-face meeting with Tillerson.

    Luckily, the masses are solidly behind the judiciary and the armed forces. Equipped with that support, and being in the right, the armed forces should tell Rex Tillerson to shut up and get lost, though not exactly in so many words.

    Coming for a corporate background, Tillerson should be able to see that the days of America controlling the world and its resources are over. Moreover, having caused the death OF nearly one and a half million innocent people in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and having turned other millions of fairly well-to-do people into paupers, looking for refuge within and outside the country, it is time for America to call it a day and do something to atone its sins, which are massive. Moreover, American cans no longer spare the resources in men and money that are required to 'control' the world. So, Tillerson better do the rest of the world, himself and his country a favour by abandoning the imperialist dreams and withdrawing to US borders, using the money thus saved for alleviating the suffering of Americans a lot of whom are in urgent need of help. Surely, that would be a better course than pursuing the mad agenda of Donald Trump whom he has himself, and quite rightly declared to be a 'moron'.

    As for Afghanistan, its neighbours Pakistan, China, Russia and possibly Iran are quite capable of sorting matters out and bringing peace to the country. With China having lot of surplus funds looking for investment opportunities, and also having the necessary technical capabilities, it can easily dig up vast mineral wealth of Afghanistan and help revive the economy.

    Let us hope good sense prevails.