So how exactly is punjab looting you?

  • pardon the ignorance of this confused punjabi who doesnt understand how sindh and balochistan(or any other minority groups) are "allegedly" being looted by punjab???

    why so many cries of separation???

    & what is this shosha of saraikistan???

    can my pakistani brothers & sisters shed some light on this ? also do tell what area in pak you belong to...

  • i never came across such humbug before but i have heard some khoja ppl say punjabis are choors they do not like to work, if that is what is ment by looting then that is what it must be but i have never come across anyone who has said punjab is looting the rest of the country.

    i lived in punjab for many years and never met a looter or a choor

    all the ppl were cool.

    i belong to all of pakistan. i refuse to say if i am a chimp or a monkey or a baboon.period.

  • The cries of separation are mostly in some twisted minds and on newspaper pages. Those who promote separation have always been soundly defeated in every elections.

    That aside, the sheer size of punjab creates mistrust in smaller provinces. Most people do not realize taht punjab is not an ethnic entity and the ruling establishment includes people from all ethnic groups. Seraiki province movement is merely a movement for separate province, not for a separate country. I think there is nothing wrong if some people want a separate province for administrative reasons.

    In fact having new provinces will go a long way towrads making us a unified nation.

  • thats one theory maybe breaking up punjab will make other provinces calm down but maybe it is punjab thats holding the whole country together.

    another theory can be that the one unit was a good idea? abolishing all provinces altogether.

    the call for separation is just misplaced anger I believe. just like we think every new leader will get rid of all our problems with some magic trick , other provinces think by separation they will fix all their problems.

    what has bangladesh achieved in all these years of separation...

  • hasheesh

    i dont know but what we have achieved in all these years after sepation from india

  • I for one am happy that we dont have the bollywood culture and that I am not afraid of a hindu fanatic killing my family. I think thats what we have achieved by separation from India, a place to call home where I can raise my kids according to Islam.

  • i agree with hasheesh its our home. If you ever get to talk to an indian Muslim ask him has he ever felt the pride of having a country of his own. Look at Sikhs we would have been like them if we did not had Pakistan. Believe me those Arabs or any other nation does not allow you to be a part of it. There are some exceptions like US , Canada and Australia. Thats why you see a lot of Sikhs in those places.

  • u both r right .

  • cant we all coexist?

  • yes animals and human can coexist .lol

  • punjabi bhaiyon , its all due to 2 crittets from natt house ,gujrat.

    the moment we get rid of them, all other provinces shall stand aside us!

  • What achieved Pakistan after its creation? Two muslim countries. Every country in the world has a voice, so Pakistan gave birth to two additional muslim voices at international forum.(Pakistan & Bangaldesh)

    Broadening the spectrum can only let us understand the creation of Pakistan. See my other thread "Can we have another Sialkot". All of those who question the creation of Pakistan have nothing to do with development of even your own community.

    Heres the link.

  • my fellow scholars, pakistan was not created to created by our desire but rather some other good reasons.

    and certain independent states like bahawalpr state, kalat state and some other areas decided to become part of pakistan .

    kalat state present day baluchistan agreed to merge in pakistan with a written agreement that federal govt. will have currency, defence, and more i am not sure what at this time. and rest of the control of resourses and texation and administration were supposed to be with the federating units.

    later on ayub khan took control of everything and punjab and punjab military became the incharge of everything.

    now punjabi army trats other non punjabis as their coloneys.

    do you think if

    NWFP, BALUCHISTAN, SIND are given an open choice to break away from PAKISTAN, will they hesitate for a second?

    this unatural creation is going to end up , God knows what?

    punjab is exploiting all other nationalities. if not so why not to have an open referredam and let them go their way.

    do you think punjabi army can behave the same way they are behaving in NWFP, BALUCHISTAN,SIND.

  • @ musafer

    Was Ayub Khan a punjabi? NO (from Hazara in NWFP)

    Was Yahya Khan a punjabi? NO (from peshawar)

    Was Zia ul Haq a punjabi? NO (migrant from jallandhar, resident of peshawar)

    Is Parvez Musharraf a punjabi? NO (migrant from Delhi)


    P.S: Okara farms are in punjab where military operation is much older than in baluchistan or nwfp.

  • To be very ture I LOVE every pakistani.....

    I Love sindhi, balochi, pathan, punjabi, kashmiri, urdu speaking more than the other... :)

    I think most of time non punjabis ruled Pakistani (strange to me) as after all they are in vast majority. Anywyas i feel personaly that punjabis never hate any other. Why some of others hate punjabi or sindhi, or pathan or anyone else..

    All have some plus and minus. Punjabis cant be that hospitable as pathans might be. Similarly Punjabis cant be that aggressive to kill several relatives due to minor issue. But there are lot many who are balanced among all.

    I think there should not be any such issue. Neither there is any zulm from punjabis rather there might be some good contributions by them. These things are just for the sake of negative and never ending debates. We all should respect and love each other and consequently we will be so strenghtened as a nation that no one can dare to .........

    We have to change our mind set, must have understanding of religion and that should be the base of our unity. DIVISION of punjab or anything can never bhe the solution. Its mindset and thinking that must be changed. What u will get after dividing punjab, then what about dividing others to make parts equal. Why not to divide china, russia to make all countries equal. What about texas and........ ;). (kidding)

    I think NS and BB were moving toward very good and pleasant friendship. Dushmani should be left to political contest only. APDM having religous parties, people like achakzai, ANP, Imran. All of them should be united. I believe that no one can be blamed due to sect or tribe. Anyways Nations come across such tragic situations as today we are facing. I take it optimistically (same as Imran Khan) that we will be inshallah settle down in a better nation soon.

  • We'll get much better managed provinces by dividing punjab, as well as other provinces.

    Pakistan has always suffered from a crisis of governance and a major factor in that has been that most of us feel that we are being governed from afar. We seem to think that we do not have a direct say in choice of our rulers and its not physically easy to approach and apprise our rulers regarding our problems.

    How punjab (and for that matter other Pakistani provinces) were created? By the British based on their own needs.

    It was divided into indian and Pakistani punjabs in 1947. Indian punjab was further divided into punjab and haryana and parts of indian punjab were also merged with rajasthan. All this was done to improve governance as smaller units can always be managed in a better way than one large unit.

    Rulers sitting in lahore cannot be fully cognizant of problems in attock or bahawalpur. The basic needs of citizens like education, health, security, roads are domain of provinces. But our present provinces are too large and the provincial government resources are largely spent on areas closer to provincial capitals.

    Having smaller units will improve governance and it will have no negative impact on national unity becaus ematters like defence, foreign trade, foreign relations etc. are constitutionally the domain of federation.

    Furthermore, smaller provinces will decrease the ethnic isolationist movements as there will be no big province to blame for.

    Also, people will realize, for example, that lawlessness is not a problem of the whole NWFP or that not all Pathans are talibans when they see extremists holding sway only in "swat province" and having no impact in "hazara", "chitral" or "peshawar" provinces.

    It will be easier to deal with law and order situations and provincial rulers, being locals, will be more answerable to people.

  • My Dear Brothers,

    dont even come to this trap.

    this is what called Sindh card.

    this is what enemies of pakistan has used to break pakisatn into 2 pieces.

    this is what trick every leader from G M sayed and Benazir till Altaf Hussain used to get cheap followings .

    BB used to say

    sind ky wazir e azam ko phanse dy di..

    punjab ly ja ky...

    punjab ky wazir e azam ko bhaga diya ..(refering to NS)

    but matter of the fact is they bhagao fy the sind ki wazir azam also ...(BB herself was self exiled for 8 years)

    thats the poison she has injected in the minds of innocent sindhis.

    who are less eduacted and very innocent.

    thats why after her death ,sindhis were chanting at her grave Pakistan na khapay...(Zardari admitted it himself )

    i love punjab.

    coz being the biggest brother of ours.

    note ..,,,,

    i am not a punjabi though ...

    my perants are from UP india and i am a typical karachitie.

  • one thing is for sure, that their exists hatred against Punjabis in Sindh and in NWFP. I have even talked personaly with very well educated Sindhis and i am from NWFP so i know very well what people in NWFP think about Punjabis.

    I have to admit this open heartly that a common person in pujab dont think like that even he is also suffering, he could also have think that people from NWFP and from SINDH are ruling him and he is suffering.

    I think its a good thread and we have to think and point out collectively who is behind the scene and what are the objectives.

  • Lets have look on the role of our political parties, which is our future.

    Why they have been unsuccessful so for?

    Have they ever tried to teach the masses what is democracy all about?

    Have they tried to win the hearts of people with sincerety?

    Have ever they have tried to be in touch with the masses when they are not a part of ruling team?

    When we would get rid of this mentality(blame game) after being defeated?

    Democracry is not all about elections(polling). Democracy is the name of continuous struggle. But unfortunately we have limited the democracy to elections(polls) only.

    Democracy is not all about agitation, rallies, holding large gatherings, holding corner meetings is more than enough.

    Hold corner meetings in every village, town, to educate the masses about the democracy & importance of of their participation in this process. Bring all the major parties on this one point agenda, educating the masses about Rule of Law & democracy. Only masses can stop the way of disintegration not the politicians by themselves.

    Lets convey our message to all political forces to educate the masses rahter dwelling them into hatered, bring all the people having different ideologies on one platform to express themselves i.e; democracy.