MBS warming up to Israel, against Iran of course.

  • I quote below the link to my comment on the news report 'Israeli army chief says ready to share information with Saudi Arabia' (November 17).


    To the above, I would like to add a few points here.

    Perhaps the young and inexperienced Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) rates his abilities much higher than the circumstances warrant and seems to believe too much in his personal charm. And that has made him believe that he can use Israel to the full in the pursuit of his own plans.

    Maybe he doesn't realize that Israel is only its own friend and whenever its interests are comprised even slightly, it reacts fiercely against whosoever causes it, least mindful of whether it is a supposed friend or foe. And I give below a few examples to prove my point.

    Among the Muslim states, Turkey is one country that had closest and warmest relations with Israel. However, when Turks joined an international armada which was taking humanitarian supplies to besieged Gaza, the Israeli commandos attacked the Turkish vessel while it was still in international waters and killed nine Turks in cold-blood. And what is worse, Israeli prime minister even refused to apologize for it and this soured the relations between the two countries. Much later, on the insistence of Barak Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkey and put up a small compensation package, paving the way to restoration of diplomatic relations between the two former allies.

    A young American girl, Rachel Corrie stood in front of a Palestinian's home, in full view of the bulldozer operator who had come to demolish the house in the Palestinian territory illegally occupied by Israel. The girl was hoping that her gesture might prevent the demolition of the house, but she was wrong. The bulldozer operator just went ahead with his mission and demolished the house, burying her in the debris. Surely, the Israeli police present at the place in large numbers could have arrested her instead of just going ahead with the killing. However, the Israeli authorities wanted to make it a lesson for others and to deter them from daring to come to the help of Palestinians.

    And American government, which raises a hell on mistreatment of even a single American national by any other state, remained silent because raising a protest over the killing would have upset Israeli authorities who own and operate the American government administration through the pro-Israel lobbies.

    And there was the case of unarmed American research vessel USS Liberty which was in the vicinity during the Arab-Israeli war. The vessel was prominently flying the American flag and the Israeli jet fighters even made low level flights over it in order to identity it. Yet, they launched a ferocious combined air/naval attack on the vessel which killed and wounded over 200 American sailors. In this case as well, Americans made no 'fuss' and settled for a nominal financial compensation package the amount of which would have been promised, and indeed reimbursed to Israel through increased aid so as not to burden the Israeli budget.

    If Israel can do all this to Turkey and even the US, there should be no doubt as to how it will treat Saudi Arabia, after it has used KSA resources and manpower to fight its war with Iran?

    So, the army chief Gen. Qamar Jawed Bajwa should hurry up and start his campaign to diffuse the situation and prevent the impending disaster by persuading both Iran and Saudi Arabia not to take their dispute to a point of no return and instead settle for a peaceful solution of the problem. In any case, staying aloof is not an option for Pakistan because if the disaster is allowed to happen, the next target would be Pakistan in preparation for which the Americans have already started shifting their well-trained Daesh and other terrorists from Syria/Iraq to Afghanistan apart from using the indigenous resources.