De-contaminating politics


    Comment by S.R.H. Hashmi:

    The writer concludes his article saying "Similarly, the PML-N is the embodiment of patronage and dynastic politics which produces sleaze. Controlling sleaze is necessary but only via civilian accountability tools and sound verdicts. But trying to demolish the PML-N instantly can affect Punjab’s broader political economy that thrives on patronage" and adds "This all thus requires patient handling rather than crude political engineering by arrogant elements."

    However, we know that negating the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court judges , and using its majority in the parliament, the PML-N legislated to allow a disqualified Nawaz Sharif to head a political party,

    On top of that, as reported in the media, the PML-N government eliminated the asset declaration column and excluded the column requiring declaration of dual nationality from the application form for aspiring Parliamentarians.

    And the above steps taken in a hurry clearly show that the PML-N government is prepared to use its majority in the National Assembly to bulldoze any legislation that is there to stop its corrupt, inept and illegal measures and is preparing even to amend laws governing judiciary and military to bring both under its thumb.

    And the Peoples Party, while pretending to be hostile towards PML-N, does in fact act as its B team, and at provincial level, replicates the misdeeds of the ruling party.

    When the government structure has decayed so much, and is still getting worse with each passing day, only someone raving mad, or perhaps Dr. Niaz Murtaza could hope that it could be put in order with a bit of tinkering here and there. What is actually needed is a major overhaul, with eighty percent of the essential components replaced.

    In fact, what is needed is a fresh general election, with eligibility conditions strictly applied so as to weed out the corrupt, criminal elements who infest the present political system and form nearly eighty percent of it. A fresh breed of Parliamentarians, forming dedicated government and effective opposition, is what could put things in order, bring back the looted wealth and place the country on a path to progress, with Supreme Court overseeing the process and armed forces, not actually taking over government, but making sure that Supreme Court's directions are followed..