Jinnah negated Partition on religion basis

  • Admiral Lord Mountbatten The Last Viceroy of India conversation with Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    I said, "Look, Mr. Jinnah, you have said that you won't agree to having a minority population ruled by a majority population."

    "Alright, I happen to know that in the Punjab and Bengal there are wide areas where the opposite community is in the majority. It happens also that they just about divide east and west. So I'm afraid that if you want Pakistan, I shall have to arrange for the partitioning of both the Punjab and Bengal. You cannot take into Pakistan the Hindus of Punjab and Bengal."

    "Your Excellency doesn't understand that the Punjab is a nation. Bengal is a nation. A man is a Punjabi or a Bengali first before he is a Hindu or a Muslim. If you give us those provinces you must, under no condition, partition them. You will destroy their viability and cause endless bloodshed and trouble. "

    "Mr. Jinnah, I entirely agree."
    "Oh, you do."
    "Yes, of course. A man is not only a Punjabi or a Bengali before he is a Muslim or Hindu, but he is an Indian before all else.
    What you're saying is the perfect, absolute answer I've been looking for. You've presented me the arguments to keep India united.

    Quoted from:
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