Coment by S.R.H. Hashmi:

    In his article the writer has just claimed that on top of ambition to dominate the Middle East region, Iranian government is now planning to dominate the entire world.

    And to confirm his point, he quoted the following statements:

    "The commander of Iran’s navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, said it “will berth in friendly states in Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico in the near future... We are not faced with any restriction for deploying in the seas, and anywhere we feel that we have interests to develop ties, we will certainly deploy there and we enjoy this power too.”

    "Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei recently emphasized the need for the navy to be a major player in the region and beyond".

    And this he presents as a real danger to the rest of the world in view of the fact - as seen and declared by him - that in terms of naval strength, even now Iran stands fourth after North Korea, China and the US in terms of naval strength.

    Of course, he has taken his figures from an obscure survey under the link quoted below which in selective cases, has probably counted even small fishing and other ordinary boats and treated them at par with destroyers in order to achieve the desired results.

    However, I found Iran nowhere in the list of ten strongest navies in the world as given in the following link, with US at the top, which seems to be in line with the actual position and makes sense in view of the fact that US is a super power, even though on the decline now.

    Also, if Iranian navy held fourth position in the world, its top commander, if not Admiral of the Fleet, would at least be a full Admiral, or at least a Vice-Admiral and not a fourth-ranking officer holding the position of Rear-Admiral.

    And as for its overall military strength, Iran managed to hold Iraq to a draw, but definitely could not defeat it. And that hardly proves that Iran was capable of taking over not only the region but the whole world and that, too, pretty soon.

    And the writer also refers to Iran navy as a devil which started harassing 'US, British and regional ships'.

    However, what we have for a fact is that this was the a US commander who shot down, in in Iranian airspace, over Iranian territorial waters and on flight's usual flight path, an Iranian civilian airliner (flight 655) killing all 290 passengers on board. The following link gives the details :

    The excuse given was that the officer commanding the US vessel mistook the Airbus A 300 as an Iranian fighter jet coming to sink his ship. How convenient!

    I know all writers, intentionally or unintentionally, tend to be a bit selective in picking and quoting facts and figures in order to build up their narrative. However, the tendency to make facts a total casualty or rather fatality and to build up the whole case on fiction or near-fiction is most disgusting because it could lead to disastrous consequences..