• 15 December 2017

           The feather goes, as usual to our cap, creating the unique unimaginable example of Nawaz Sharif ruling us as Prime Minister and at the same time also “serving” people of Dubai.  I had so far thought that ghost teachers, ghost Karachi water board workers were only in Pakistan but it now appears the ghost employees also exist in Dubai.  Mian Nawaz Sharif continuously keep claiming, he did not “receive” salary.
    1. Somewhere first half of 1970s, wife of one of my extended family went to a Gulf State to join her husband. Having not much to do there, she also joined a job. As per rule her monthly salary was to be credited to her bank account. Accordingly, she went to a Pakistani Bank there for opening her account.

    2. She worked about 32-34 years. 13-14 years back, on leaving her job, as per law she got gratuity for the number of years she worked, which also went to her bank account. Right from her first salary in 1970s upto her last salary plus gratuity, she has not even a single time withdrawn any money from her account. There is not a single withdrawal from her account during all these about 45 years. Her husband felt it was his duty to meet family’s domestic and social chores and not her’s. At her side, she thought to let the money remain intact safe as it could at any time benefit her children.

    3. She never “got” in hand cash salary. Can she, like Nawaz Sharif, claim that she did not get any salary?