• The issueless parents pray at Gujrat shrine of دولے شاہ that if God gave them children, the first born will be given, for good, to the shrine. An iron ring, in the shrine, is fixed around the head of such children to stop natural physical and mental growth of their skulls making them mentally unfit for rest of the life. Such children undergo the inhuman practice of being forced to be abnormal so that they could be sent for beggary for shrine so calledدولے شاہ کے چوہے etc.

    1. Thus these children for whole of their life become handicapped and of no use not just for themselves, but also for the society and for their parents except for being beggars (and for other exploits) for a mafia taking umbrella under religion.

    2. Whenever our justice system is discussed in talk shows, one often hears about World Bank a few years back having donated handsome for reforms in our judicial system, which according to experts appearing in these talk shows, mostly went on seminars, conferences, tours, renovations except for any real reformations. Last week, My Lordship Chief Justice of Pakistan revealed how a female civil judge was abused in her chamber by a lawyer. The action-movies shown on talk shows a fortnight back the black coat gullo butts “playing” with the newly built Multan judicial complex, is a self speaking practical example of the reforms introduced.

    3. A few years back the World Bank donated a good amount for reformation of Ombudsman system in Pakistan. With the assistance of UN (must invariably include financial) Children Complaint Cells were created in our Ombudsmen Secretariat both at the federal and provincial levels. Not limited to this, both federal and provincial further “created” district level these Children Complaint Cells. This senior citizen rich in five decades high administrative experience, never believed even for a single second real utility of such Children Cells particularly in our society. His this disbelief got further cemented since the day this senior citizen saw the name-Board of such a Cell and he almost vomited seeing that the cell Head/Organizer did not know even exactly what were the spelling of “children”. I know in U.S etc even an HKG child can pick up a phone and complain against his teacher or mother, but has a great wish before lying down in the grave to meet and kiss the hand of such a child in his beloved Pakistan who had ever gone to an Ombudsman office and made a complaint against school teacher/canteen, mother, a bus driver not picking him/her up, owner employing him/her as a child labour etc. PIA few months back boarded seven none-ticketed free loader passenger Islamabad to Madina and forced children having tickets to sit in the laps of their mothers so these standing passengers could sit. No such child I ever heard of went to Federal Ombudsman children complaint cells or Federal Ombudsman/Cell at its own taking suo moto note of. Likewise when a few years back the Kausar children sexual abuse-videos scandal rocked the country, no Punjab Ombudsman or his children complaint cell was heard moving or any such Kasur child coming to complain about.

    4. Where situated, is this Center where new born get deprived from the warmth of their mothers immediately coming to this world, where exist ombudsmen operating separate special “children complaints Cells” with finance from World Bank and UN? In Gujrat. Where is this Gujrat? The place where lives our great honourable Choudhary Aitzaz Ahsan who assured this nation a good news that “ریاست ہوگی ماں کے جیسی”. And here children are deprived of from their “mothers” for life. Can there be any more cruelty than to this on earth to a new born?

    5. The ombudsmen in Pakistan enjoy suo moto power. Has any Ombudsman or any Children Cell under his command has so far taken any note of the plight of these unfortunate children? Why “all” repeat “all” are sleeping on this issue?