• 12 January 2018

    The Daily Urdu News Jeddah on 28 December 2017 on its first page had an item headlined His Lordship Chief Justice of Pakistan saying that there was no concept of strikes in Islam. After Friday prayers, I enquired from the Imam if there was any concept of Court Holidays in Islam. In the Middle East, not anyone can become an Imam but is appointed by the Ministry of Justice /Affairs with minimum required qualification. I talked later with some high caliber people associated with دارالامان and Saudi established دعوة و إرشاد who also told me the same. One explained a “Qadhi” or any staff like typists, admin officers, readers etc all can “individually” go on “leave-holiday” as per one’s entitlement under the rule but there appears to be no trace of any concept of “institution of Qadhi” collectively observing annually holiday closure.