What if ?

  • they open bb grave and dont find a body?

    what would you think?

    maybe somebody is hiding something like bullets wounds?

    or maybe she never died.

  • I dont think the Government or the Family will let anybody open up the grave!

    There are so many unanswered questions, something dodgy is going on.

    We need special Forensic scientists to examine her body!

  • lol now that we are making conspiraciy theories

    what if.. asif zardari had her killed

  • they are trying to hide something. maybe bb knew where obl was hiding.

  • Liaqat Ali Khan was killed by Mushtaq Gurmani and Associates, who stayed in power after the murder.

    Z.A. Bhutto was killed by Zia-ul-Haq, who stayed in power for 11 years.

    BB is killed by Pakistan Military, which wants to stay in power for how long?

    This time, don't let them do that, please.

    (For those who criticised BB for making a 'deal' with Musharraf, just feel sorry for not understanding her Stretegy, Vision, Tactic and Diplomacy.)

  • why ppl was thinking that she has striked a deal coz they have got reasons to support this thinking......


    no1.she was all denying in the first place that she has striked a deal with mush....on the other hand uncle mush was also denying.

    if anyone of the two ,was honest and fair .he or she could have admitted it ...

    but they admitt it when it became that obvious that there was no point to hide it.

    denail means Something fishy to hide ....

    no2.all the terms she has asked to strike a deal was going into her personal favor ...not in the public favor.i.e demanding NRO as a relief to all her corruption charges...demanding to remove third term PM eligibilty thing from the constituion ....

    no3.after the LAL MASJID operation ,she was the first leader to second mush that he has done a great job...that was the first time ,ppl come to know that deal rumour had some flesh in it.

    no4.while talking to the international papers ,she has shown her willingliness to hand over AQ Khan to US and to allow US to come in the frontier province to locate Osama and Alqaeda leaders.

    that shows she was about to follow musharraf in his US agenda..

    in that case ,if she cleverly through musharrraf away and rule with the same US agenda ...AWAM doesnt have to welcome her .

    AWAM doesnt hate the faces of musharraf or BB ,for that matter,they hate US agenda followers.

    no5.independent judicairy was the single point agenda every opposition party was demanding...but BB backed out from the demand.

    that shows she was not interested in the independent judicairy ..visiting Ex CJ iftikhar house was just a political gimmickery,otherwise she was quite ok with the dummy judicairy.

    coz she was afraid if she become PM and start doing her agenda ..Iftikahr Chudhry being an honset CJ can take suo moto notice.

    no6.deal news became stronger when we start finding out the new set up in a total favor of BB.

    new chief of army staff Ishfaq Pervez Kiyani was her military sectrary when she was PM ...appearently he has played a major role in striking a deal between mush and BB.

    on the other hand dummy Cheif Justice Mr.Hameed Dogar is also from BB camp.

    if the military head and judicairy head was from BB s camp...that clearly shows what she was upto.

    my facts could be wrong.

    but thats all what i heared,i read,i saw,i learn....

  • I wonder why Imam Hussain (AS) did not do a deal with Yazid?

  • adonis bhai,

    Imam Hussain was a great person.

    dear to allah .

    thats why allah gave him and his fellows, courage to stand infront of kuffar.

  • hahahah lolz@bandar

    hahahahah Hilarious.

    What if they found real Zardari in a grave and Benazir in a get up of Zardari giving press conference.

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