• Once in a foreign country, a minister was addressing a press conference when a reporter put him a question. The puzzled minister enquired from where came the said information. The reporter replied, from Pakistan. The Minster advised him, and in fact to all present that “don’t ever be surprised on anything coming from Pakistan”. There is no doubt that we have created examples of our own and are unique even breaking our own created examples.

    1. Today Thursday the 25 January 2018, in order to approach the Federal Tax Ombudsman, for first hand general information, I visited his website. I found Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera was the Honourable Federal Tax Ombudsman. I remembered, recently in one or two talk shows, having heard this name. About five years back with the World Bank grant very proudly a “Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman” was established in the name of “strengthening” of the ombudsman system in Pakistan. The Federal Tax Ombudsman was agreed to be the President of this Forum. Today Thursday the 25 January 2018, I find on this “strengthened” Forum website Honourable Mr. Abdur Rauf Chudhary as the Federal Tax Ombudsman. So in our official record we have, as it appears to an ordinary layman, there are two Federal Tax Ombudsmen at a time. The Punjab Ombudsman on his website also, today, names Mr. Chaudhary as the President of the Forum. This old man does remember once very long ago the Punjab Ombudsman website also showed then two names as Punjab Ombudsman at a time.

    2. To make myself more proud how in abundance was the good governance overflowing in our government Departments, I visited, of course today Thursday the 25 January 2018 the Federal Ombudsman (Wafaqi Mohtasib) website. Honourable Mr. Tahir Shahbaz is shown as the current Federal Ombudsman. But on the world bank “strengthened” Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman website, 30 seconds later, I found Mr. Salman Faruqui as the current Federal Ombudsman. Mr. Salman Faruqui served as Federal Ombudsman from 2012 to February 2018, when the incumbent Honourable Shahbaz Tahir many months back took over. Those who believe so much on existence of good governance in our beloved country, please take a glass of milk with 7-Up mix to control heart-beat before preceding to read the next line. 30 seconds further later, I visited the Banking Mohtasib website to feel myself as a proud Pakistani, reading according to the Banking Mohtasib website the Federal Ombudsman seat since 2010 “is” vacant.

    3. I visited, then, the website of the Provincial Ombudsman Sindh for the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Work Place. Justice ® Shahnawaz Tariq was named as the Ombudsman. Out of curiosity and for self-enjoyment, I reverted back to the Forum website only to find today 25 January 2018 the “Post Vacant”. Federal Ombudsman against Harassment of Women at Workplaces, as given on the Federal Ombudsman website is named Ms. Musarrat Hilali. The world-bank “strengthened” Forum, however, today Thursday 25 January 2018 shows Ms. Justice ® Yasmin Abbassey as the Ombudsman as well as the “Vice President” of the Forum.

    4. This old man does remember long ago having read somewhere that in cases of rape, sexual assault or harassment, the victim faces the worst “naked” questions from the defence lawyer in the open court which wordings can’t in any case be put in writing. These naked wording not just cause shame to the other people present but are even unbearable to the victim except for putting salt to her wounds. These naked type questions by “male lawyers, in presence of male audience” are deliberate knowing well the victim under no circumstances can courage to answer.

    5. Once Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan visited Bahrain. In the evening he addressed the Pakistanis in the Pakistan Club Bahrain. Earlier, in the morning he had visited the two Pakistani Schools in Bahrain. One was “Pakistan School” where medium of teaching is in Urdu. The other was “Pakistan Urdu School” with English as medium of instruction. In my three decades stay in Bahrain, I saw only twice the Pakistan Club huge Auditorium over packed not just with Pakistanis but also Indian Muslims attending too. Likewise, these two occasions were the only when audience was motionless with pin dropped silence. One was when Dr. Abdul Qadeer addressed and the second when Moulana Taqi Usmani addressed. In his speech Dr. Qadeer showed his amusement that name of the school was “Pakistan Urdu School” but was teaching in English. He told once he visited a scientist friend who had hundreds of multiple colour wires before him and was struggling with some equipment. On question the scientist told Dr. Qadeer that he was assembling a “Wire-Less”. Dr. Qadeer was amused that equipment was “wire-less” while it was full of “wires”.

    6. The women facing naked questions from the male lawyers and Dr. Qadeer Khan’s above joke flashed when this old man today Thursday 25 January 2018, hold your breath Sir, visited the website of the “International Ombudsman Institute”. To the belief of this old layman, this institute or its regional office is situate in Islamabad. The incumbent Sindh ombudsman mentioned therein is “Syed Pir Ali Shah”. To my knowledge in March 2017 the Supreme Court of Pakistan was informed that he was removed on the allegations of misuse of his authority as an Ombudsman. Either the soil of our beloved motherland or its “air” has something inherited that even the good governanced “international” people/units become infected here. Harassment of women mostly and generally is related to “sex” in one form or the other. ما شاء الله / سبحان الله a harassed victim (female), we expect, would fully in open words would explain, before a male ombudsman, what happened to her.

    7. I remember a year or so back some participant in a talk show saying that World Bank donated years back for judicial reforms. Everything like seminars, conferences, visits, refurbishment etc was done. Ombudsman system stands “strengthened” ما شاء الله / سبحان الله.

    8. An ombudsman is to “diagnose” and put the derailed system back on track. But what if the system-restorers are!! If once goes by to the costly high quality off-set paper fine bound voluminous Annual Reports ritually generated by our strengthened ombudsman system, one would gather if the “انصاف” was available in overabundance in the country as available is the “heaps” in Karachi.

    9. We really are unique in “قسم اپنی”.

                                                         25 January 2018