• Karachi Electric through its press release reiterates that as a law-Abiding entity, it complies with all guidelines from the regulatory bodies Including from the Ombudsman Pakistan. The Press Release is in the back ground of a news item last month that against an Order of the Federal Ombudsman providing relief to some lower paid people, KE had gone into Appeal to the President.

    1. It is the same explanation, we the ordinary in the evening, daily hear from ex PM family that they accept and comply with the courts decisions but “commenting” on injustice was their legal right.

    2. July 2014 the Federal Ombudsman directed all the public utilities operating in Pakistan “including the K-Electric” to fix the due date for consumers to pay their bills up to the seventh day of the new month instead of the last dates of the ending month.

    3. The very first month of Ombudsman Order i.e, in August 2014, if memories of this old man are not bent upon to fail him, he received two Bills; one with last date as 26 August and second 28 August. This had in the past never happened. Till today during all these years, KE’s all bills, as in pre-ombudsman-order era, are invariably with last days of the month as last date. This “in practice” is what KE claims it respects guidelines of all Pakistani agencies.

    4. This old man from the old orthodox generation started his career with manual “Underwood” typewriter as there were no electric typewriters in Government offices then let alone today’s modern technology. Then, whoever having the authority to say, said kept a watch on what he said. And, to this old man, that is why there was real governance, if not “good governance”. Today a leader or any authority says no one would be allowed to play with life and property of people, only next day “allows” to play through explosions. The Heads of the utilities were asked by the Ombudsman to report complaint to his above Order within a period of one month (till end August 2014). In these three and a half years, the Ombudsman himself did not care to remember what order in July 2014 he issued to utilities, did within a month compliance from KE reached in his office and did the end user public got any sigh of relief as a result of his Order? So when the utility knows the authorities, whosoever, in our motherland issue orders just for issuance only, why should the utility really care to implement the order? Non compliance himself (failing to see if complied or not) by one who issued for compliance by others is more questionable and a serious point to ponder and it is a very logical thinking of an old man, of course unfit for today developed society.