• On the suo moto on appointment of Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi as PTV Chairman, the court was told that "Qasmi was given Rs. 27 crore during two years”. which were tax money of people". According to a news item, during the hearing, the deputy attorney general informed that PTV allocated more than Rs270 million to Qasmi in the form of compensation and other employee benefits etc. My Lordship further observed that this country is of poor people so how can one person be given this much? Qasmi, however, through his column claimed he got only Rs. 5 crore as salary while declining many cheques presented to him as his entitlement on this head and on that account.

    1. For this old man, Qasmi deserved that amount rather more, because he always showed true honest loyalty for Nawaz Sharif. For example, as General Zia-ul-Haq to fool the people only and only once went to his office riding a bicycle, likewise about three years back once Nawaz Sharif drove his car without any protocol escort. The loyal Qasmi during the year thrice quoted this as one of the Prime Ministerial achievement. However, as a true honest journalist, he deliberately forgot to mention that on the occasion Nawaz Sharif drove above car, the Police blocked vehicular traffic on by roads as a result of which wife of a rickshaw driver gave birth in the rickshaw. When in distress, he argued with the police to let him go, he was challenged and for about two years the rickshaw driver had to attend court only to learn about adjournments.
    2. Nawaz Sharif has always treated national money مفت مال. During his second tenure, Nawaz Sharif appointed, one Nasim Mirza as Chairman PTCL at a very high salary which high salary had never earlier then been heard of in Pakistan. He was a chemicals engineer and not from telecommunication field. This was the first appointment in Pakistan on which even the newspapers endorsed Editorials. Parliament’s different standing committees are integral part of democracy. The telecommunication committee (National Assembly or Senate, I don’t remember), recommended not to renew the employment of Nasim Mirza. The democracy loving Nawaz Sharif, putting the parliamentary recommendation on his foot, renewed it.
    3. General Zia terminated services of hundreds of employees on the pretext the appointments were made illegally by the overthrown Zulfiqar Bhutto’s government. This, later became a routine practice each new Government coming into power terminating services of those employed by the previous government. Nawaz Sharif appointed Presidents of National Bank of Pakistan and of one other Bank today standing privatized on too high salaries and perks. Keeping a cautious note in his mind that next government would terminate his blue eyed Qasmis, he paid these two Presidents their five years salaries in advance. There were perhaps other cases, but I can’t remember now being in my seventies.
    4. Pulling five years advance salary from the capital of one’s shop, bakery or a foundry can only be done by one who wants to damage financially the very basic foundation of the shop or the foundry. Has ever Sharifs paid five years salaries in advance to any employees in the Ittefaq Foundry? This is what SC needs to see and study if it wants to reach to the true background paying Rs. 2.7 million to Qasmi.