And where is imran khan?

  • in bombay?

    doing what hiding?

    perhaps a few words from him could maybe help in this difficult times.

    perhaps pakistan needs his big mouth now.

  • Imran Khan was in Bombay before Bhutto was assasinated. I dont think he is stupid enough to come back to a Jungle like Pakistan for the time being.

    However, i found this on his website:

  • this is where he is, and I haven't heard any message of condolence, or expression of shock or dismay from him

  • What exactly is this guy's (Imran's) relation with this General(r) Hamid Gul, the former ISI skunk and the man behind many of Pakistan's current problems vis-a-vis fanaticism and terrorism? Isn't Imran a front man for these secretive behind-the-scene forces in Pakistan, of which Hamid Gul and Qazi also appear to be essential part? For example, why was there this rather strange silence from Imran about Jamaat Islami and IJT after what they did to him at the Punjab University? I dont recall anything substantial from him in that regard, like a protest aganist JI and IJT for example, especially when he is so outspoken about so many other issues. If anything, he even became closer to the JI and its leadership.

    We must seriously ask, who is Imran Khan and whose game is he playing ?

  • do you guys mind if I add a little suspenseful music in the background for this thread. maybe the bogus conspiracy theory will sound a little more convincing

  • How many leaders have u seen been beaten by students. I guarantee you none in Pakistan history. Well it might come to you as a shock but he is one honest man and he has already done so much for Pakistan and all you can come up is with a few conspiracy theories that doesnt even make much sense. I would just say some people are not understood in their own time maybe Pakistan is not ready for this much honesty and bravery so he might not be a big voice ever but ask if u know some one who lives in sahiwal his elected area what this guy can do.

  • Good to see the response from NS backed site, NS once again taking a U-turn & backing out from his emotional statement to get the sympathy of voters. Tried best by NS & Altaf to cash the dead body of BB. But sooner or later this status has to end & by maintaining the staus quo forceful you are speeding up the transition process towards the change. well done.

    Thatswhere I put my trust on IK that atleast hes not playing with the emotions of the people.

  • he is nothin but a "delerious revolutionary freak".

  • @ adeelayub

    Imran Khan bought back home the World cup.

    Imran Khan established Pakistan's first and only cancer hospital.

    Imran Khan fights for Jutice and Eqaulity.

    What have you done in your lifetime?

  • i've given jerks like u the previlege of reply!!!!!!!

  • gigabyte

    if the worst thing they can come up with abt imran is that he is a revolutionary I wouldnt be angry. its actually something to be proud of for PTI ppl.

  • adeelayub you sound like Altaf Hussain's Mum!

  • hahahaha, dude thats the joke of a lifetime.

    i'm lahori, born punjabi, malik by cast.

    i ain't 've anything to do with kala bihari

  • I agree with hasheesh on the revolutionary comment i am not at all offended by that. Imran Khan is a great guy and its ok if he is not recognised in his own time. We are illetrate to understand the sense of achievements he ave in the current Pakistan. But i do mind any comment that divide us. We are all Pakistanis not Punjabi, sindhi or whatever.....

  • “Jaag punjabi Jaag teri pug noon lag gya daagh”

    NS used this slogan to get the sympathies of Punjab against PPP in one of the elections when provincial elections & national elections were held with couple of days gap.

    NS has lived his whole political life on the shoulders of establishment & he used to attend the Zias anniverceries even during his premiership & always voiced to carry forward Zias mission.

    We will have to wait atleast for a couple of years to see whther NS has left the establishment or its just an illusion for the time being.

    See the pic#15 just for an idea about his strong association with establishment.

  • @Asif,

    Zia was somewhat respected in Pakistan as he did not kill his own countrymen and played a prominent role of defeating a super power "Russia". The result was prominent when millions attended Zia's funeral.

    Musharraf has been a worst dictator in history who has killed and kidnapped thousands of Pakistanis.

    • In October 1999, Imran Khan was the happiest person supporting Mush.

    • In 2000 when Mush fired 18 judges and arrested CJ of Pakistan, Imran was probably distributing sweets.

    • Imran was running election campaign of Mush during his referendum.

    We all know you hate everyone except Imran so please cut the crap. When the topic is Imran, please discuss Imran and stop dragging everyone.


  • Have the courage to face reality. And about IK I wont defend his that act, even IK has acknowledged his mistake. And by the way PTI was founded by a civilian not by establishment like all the XYZ leagues.

  • I dont Imran Khan can work in Pakistans politics. He has supported and opposed everyone in his short political career. NS, BB, Musharraf, MMA. He should run for PM in the UK or America, he could achieve a lot there. (But he's Pakistani, not British)

    Or he should wait for another 15 years when Pakistan will be a bit more able to elect a man like him.

    I would support Imran Khan, but, he won't get anywhere in Pakistani politics unfortunately.

    Zia was the worst dictator in our history. He is the sole cause of many of the problems we face today. Talibanisation, radicalisation of Army, ISI, terrorism, Klashinkov and heroin culture, forming the mullah-military alliance, establishing thousands of radical madrassahs around the country that churn out terrorists and radicals, trying to make Pakistan a theocracy. The role of the intelligence and ISI in politics that we see today was expanded to this extent by Zia. Zia is the worst ruler of Pakistan I feel.

    Musharraf never hanged an ex-PM, Zia hanged Bhutto despite world outrage.

    Musharraf freed the media, Zia did not. (It is still after emergency more free than it was in 1999)

    Musharraf overtook a bankrupt country and created a massive economic boom in the country, Zia did not.

    Musharraf's tenure saw the growth of a massive urban middle-class that is now 30 million strong, Zia's tenure never witnessed anything close.

    Musharraf is trying to fight terrorism, Zia sowed the seeds of terrorism in our country.

    Musharraf is trying to liberalise Pakistan, Zia was a fanatic who de-liberalised Pakistan and his efforts were to make Pakistan a theocracy.

    Musharraf tried to undo the radiclasition in the army that Zia started. Much of the army command of 1999 were (beardless) mullahs and are now retired without any serious backlash within the army. Had this not been done, 10 years from now, we would start seeing crazy bearded mullahs running the army, and, Pakistan would have become the new Taliban state.

  • Well said secular_pakistan. Yes I agree IK won't be in the limelight of politics very soon but even without being into the limelight I apperciate his role in raising the standards of our political culture, inspiring the educated class, especialy youth to the active politics.

  • @secular,

    I am not a defender of Zia here, you are intentionally taking the debate to you own direction. My point above was that if NS supported dictator, then Imran also supported dictator.

    Even Bhutto was in Ayub's cabinet and even Jinnah was also working with Gandhi in congress.

    This is a useless debate and discussed hundreds of times. Every time something negative discussed about Imran, Asif jumps in and makes his responsibility to throw crap on everyone else.