Zardari placed 5th world's top looser.

  • One reason behind the delay, some experts have surmised, may be that the Supreme Court was expected to look into the controversial amnesty granted to former PPP leader Benazir Bhutto and her husband and current party head, Zardari, for corruption charges.

    When Bhutto was prime minister, Zardari was accused many times of corruption, stealing from government coffers and accepting kickbacks. Pakistanis derisively labeled him "Mr. 10 percent

  • watch kamran khans show today, and he addressed this issue and invited Chutiya Wahab the new sherry rehman of ppp, to defend her boss...

    she had no real value to this issue!


  • this is international anti zardari campaign against him to pave way for nawaz led setup in future.

  • dont worry, yaar, we will deal with nawaz when the time comes, lets get rid of this piece of fecal material called Zaradri!


  • i hope rating would get much better after his surrender to the mullahs of Swat.

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  • yes to system followed by Omar and abu baker(rat)

  • Usman I second that motion.