The Destabilization of Pakistan , who is planning this ??

  • Many Free political thinkers are anticipating that Bush Administration is seriously working on regime change in Pakistan under the shadows of Democracy .. They wanted to implant BB and Negroponte and rice threw her to death knowingly. I am not a Mush supporter at all but going through quite a number of resources it is evidant that Bush Admn. wants to topple Mush .. The question is why ? ( Hope we will be able to answer that if thread continues) Please read the below article and links in it and share your thoughts and any further readings. It seems now that its important for Pakistan that Mush stays in power (if he can resist them as he is doing since couple of months ) and Army has the control on things unless a geniune Pakistan loving not self serving leaderships takes over ( Who and how is another ? )otherwise as US plans we will lose a lot for ever if someone like BB (No offence to her soul but free analysis ) had taken over .. Mush anticipated their moves well in advance and has been succesful to surprise Washington till now ( Not the assasination ).

    This discussion doesnt mean at all that I/We support Mush policies but pakistan is at the stage where "haram ghosht khana bhi Jaiz ho chukka hay " We have no other option i am afraid .

    I hope there will be no emotions by members and no personal attacks or lines of stars ...

  • i personally think a lot of this is complete non-sense and garbage. some parts are probably true.

  • mushraff really prove himself to be a agent of white gods. He is responsible because after the occupation of Mushrraff the situation goes really worse.

    and also jews and zionist christian are responsible for destabilization of Pakistan

  • No one from outside can destabilize Pakistan except the Pakistani leadership or the lack of it at present.

    When no one is ruling- well such stuff happens and is written about.

  • Musharaf iz a prime person of all mess in Pakistan. He iz a real and true agent of US and India!!

  • mushraff should be punished so severely. ( i can't sum my words in a sentence how he should punished)

    mushraff is worse than General Yayha

  • In my view our hesitance to take ownership of this war compromises over our commitment. We cannot half heartedly fight this war as we direly need to break free of this denial syndrome. This is a battle of our survival and winning this war will determine our prosperous future.

  • Quran and Sunna of Rasool(PBUH) are two things which can stable the whole muslim Umma, By following Quran and Sunna we can bring back our glorious days of Past

  • Religious extremism is prevalent and growing amongst the unprivileged masses who find it hard to break the shackles of poverty and deprivation. They seek refuge in an alternative system which promises an end to social injustices.

  • SS


    " By following Quran and Sunna we can bring back our glorious days of Past "

    Which glorious days .........................and whose past ?

  • Answer is:

    Taliban mafia

    Agentsof sectarianism

    Fasadi molvis (Jamat Islami is ahead of others)

    Afghans wo came in 80s and did not go back

    Foreign Jihadis who are using our land

    Baqiat of Gen Zia